The Covid Response is the Biggest Crime in History – A Call on the 1922 Committee for Justice — Rights and Freedoms

By Rhoda Wilson on January 7, 2022 The ever-increasing number of vaccine products being pressed upon the global community is one of the most important political issues in the world today, Elizabeth Hart says. She goes on to say that there must be an investigation into how the vaccine industry, governments, NGOs and others are […]

The Covid Response is the Biggest Crime in History – A Call on the 1922 Committee for Justice — Rights and Freedoms

“But it’s not just about ‘the vaccine’ after all…looks like it’s all part of a nefarious plot – the lucrative ‘leaky vaccines’ and perpetual ‘boosters’, never-ending testing, muzzling with masks, surveillance with QR codes, vaccine passports as the basis for digital ID, centralised banking controlling spending…leading to a social credit system to control and oppress the people.

The plan was to deliberately terrify the people with ‘the virus’, impede free movement and association via the ‘nonpharmaceutical interventions’, create anxiety and stress, cause strife and division between family and friends over differences about ‘the vaccines’, steal the people’s wealth via economy damaging lockdowns and the new ‘Covid industry’, plunge our liberal democracies into turmoil and debt, and line the pockets of the perpetrators. What treachery…

“And ‘our own elected representatives’ have been a party to it, particularly the Five Eyes governments – the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand; and Germany, Austria, France, Israel etc.

“All apparently complicit in the WEF’s Great Reset, which Prince Charles also supports.

“This is the biggest crime in history.

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