Trust the science


  1. “When we read scientific literature written in the 70s, liberal, left, and right, we’re immersed in a world of openly honest people. They can be mistaken, say untrue things, but they are all genuinely dedicated to the logos. And then there’s some kind of frontier, when they all started to lie, which in my opinion is connected to a shift of liberals to the left. Suddenly, Western society began to become very stupid; it became narrower and narrower.“

    Alexander Dugin (31 August 2017):

    • Fascinating interview with Russia’s conservative philosophy icon Alexander Dugin

  2. Interesting. But I would have to disagree with his observation that liberals have shifted to the left. clearly they have shifted right. the ones in government anyway. i doubt that any truly left person could even get into government, the nation is so rightwing. its a nation with two rightwing parties: right and farther right. the democrats offers up presidential candidates barely distinguishable from republicans, like clinton (both) and obama.

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