Covid and the New World Order

COVID and the Law of Karma – OffGuardian

Guy Crittenden

Make no mistake: the New World Order (NWO) is being imposed in about 200 countries right now by a corporate oligarchy whose accomplishments include that they convinced most people the NWO was only a conspiracy theory. (Like anti-vaxxer, these are spell words.)

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” has yielded to a full press assault on the laws and constitutions of every country, and especially the Commonwealth nations whose property rights and common law traditions are intolerable to both the communitarian values and the eugenicist (transhuman) goals of the predator class.

Commentators have (correctly) described what’s happening as a contest between good and evil, and even as the Apocalypse. Adherents of the Abrahamic religions see this as a fight between God (or Christ) and Satan and they’re finding evidence in the many satanic symbols (such as 666) in the logos and publications of various globalist institutions, from Google to CERN to Microsoft’s patent to mine crypto from human energy.

Satanic symbolism was all over the human sacrifice event otherwise known as Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert, just as it was present at the creepy London Olympics opening ceremony, and that ribbon-cutting ceremony for a European tunnel.

The Pope himself convened a conference of transhumanists at the Vatican. (He promotes the injections despite their containing aborted fetus cells.) The leaders of most Western faiths have kissed the ring of globalist institutions, ergo we see uninjected parishioners excluded from attending service.


Unless people rise up (and soon!), we will all live in an AI-controlled dystopia, surveilled by millions of facial recognition cameras networked with satellites and social credit score algorithms. To date our concerns have fallen on the dead ears of human leaders; there will be no appealing to the better nature of robot dogs or swarms of flying drones.

Let’s be clear: There will be no human beings in the ultimate New World Order. We’re slated for elimination either from the jabs, starvation, or radical augmentation.


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