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The Covid-19 Pandemic Does Not Exist

Part I By Prof Michel Chossudovsky . Introduction There is much confusion and disinformation regarding the nature of the so-called  Covid-19 “pandemic”. The definition of a pandemic is rarely mentioned by the governments and the corporate media.  What confirms the existence of  a pandemic is not only the number of people affected by Covid-19, but also reliable evidence of […]

Dr. Pierre Kory: ‘Covid-19 Is Highly Treatable’ but ‘There Is a War on Truth’ Keeping the Disease Going — The Most Revolutionary Act

NWO Report Source: Dr. Joseph Mercola Those who read our site regularly are very familiar with two of the big takeaways from Dr. Pierre Kory’s interview as well as Dr. Joseph Mercola’s subsequent article below. Covid-19 can be treated inexpensively and the truth is being massively suppressed by the powers-that-be. The combination of these two […] […]