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An interview worthy of your time . . . — Taking Sides

Norm’s note: never thought I would ever link indirectly or directly to anything produced by InfoWars, but there you have it. A great interview. Malone is always a breath of fresh air in terms of information and rational insight. By request, here is the link Explosive! Dr. Robert Malone: They’re Rushing Into Killing Childrenhttps://t.co/3WPnmfmemY — […] […]

This One Man Said it All In 2014 -Watch And Listen Closely America — ‘This Side of Life’

“All things flu/covid is Exhibit A. Virtually everything vital for everyone to know is suppressed by MSM in cahoots with dominant US/Western hardliners and Pharma profiteers. On Sunday, NYT fake news defied reality — again — by falsely claiming that curbing flu/covid outbreaks depends increased mass-jabbing. Reality is the other way around. Jabs increase outbreaks, […]

“Killer Vaccine”

The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion PeopleBy Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 12, 2021