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Where Was All The Investigative Journalism On U.S. Airstrikes The Last 20 Years? — Strategic Culture Foundation

By Caitlin JOHNSTONE The Pentagon has finally admitted to the long-obvious fact that it killed ten Afghan civilians, including seven children, in an airstrike in Kabul last month. In an article with the obscenely propagandistic title “Pentagon acknowledges Aug. 29 drone strike in Afghanistan was a tragic mistake that killed 10 civilians,” the New York Times pats… Where […]

COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

From 9/11 Truth to Covid Truth. Victories and Failures Twenty Years Later — Global Research

“That to me contextualizes what 9/11 was about, which was the institution of this new form of governance, the “Security State” which enabled all sorts of legislation and other things that gave more, centralized more power in the hands of the executive. Well now we’re seeing the complete take-over with regards to the Biosecurity State […]