Trust the Science? CDC Counts People Dying Within 14 Days of Jab as “Unvaccinated”

By Kelen McBreen

Global Research

A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study is being used by mainstream media to fearmonger Americans into taking Covid vaccines.

Yahoo Finance published an article with the headline, “Unvaccinated LA residents were 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19: CDC study.”

Citing the Los Angeles County Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released on Tuesday, even local news promoted the claim that “Unvaccinated L.A. County residents [are] 5 times more likely to get COVID, 29 times more likely to be hospitalized.”

Looking at a screenshot of the CDC release, one can observe the definitions for what they consider “fully vaccinated,” “partially vaccinated,” or “unvaccinated.”

According to the chart, “unvaccinated <14 days receipt of the first dose of a 2-dose series or 1 dose of the single-dose vaccine or if no vaccination registry data were available.”

This means if someone was hospitalized, admitted to ICU, required mechanical ventilation or died within two weeks of getting the jab they are being counted as “unvaccinated.”

Unfortunately, because the data is not specific enough, we don’t know how many truly unvaccinated people were hospitalized or died of Covid in Los Angeles County from May to late July.

The entire report can basically be tossed into the trash thanks to the inclusion of the recently vaccinated in the unvaccinated category.

This intentionally misleading data is now being used to infringe on the rights of the people of California and across the entire United States as vaccine mandates and passports are being rolled out nationwide.

Alex Jones exposes the blatant medical tyranny propaganda pushing Big Pharma products by attacking natural immunity.

Click here to watch the video.



  1. IMO, the health authorities really need to learn to speak with less certainty when things aren’t clear. If they change positions too often, this will undermine the confidence of the public in their leadership.

    As far as I’m aware, vaccines that are “sterilizing”, meaning that they grant immunity and prevent you from getting sick, have been used to successfully combat many diseases.

    The problem is that the COVID-19 vaccines are not so. Even after being vaccinated with the current COVID-19 vaccines, you may still catch the disease or even die.

    On page 19 of this UK government report (pdf file) from early August they reported 742 deaths of which 402 had two doses of the vaccine, 79 had 1 dose (69 of which were greater than 21 days past the injection) and 253 were unvaccinated.

    Click to access Technical_Briefing_20.pdf

    On page 35 of the same report it says the following:

    In the NHS Test and Trace (NHSTT) case data, the mean and median lowest Ct values for
    all cases with Delta, where Ct data are available, since the 14 June 2021 are similar, with
    a median of 17.8 for unvaccinated and 18.0 for those with 2 vaccine doses (Figure 12).
    This means that whilst vaccination may reduce an individual’s overall risk of becoming
    infected, once they are infected there is limited difference in viral load (and Ct values)
    between those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated.
    Given they have similar Ct values,
    this suggests limited difference in infectiousness.

    The CT value (cycle threshold) is a measure of how much virus the infected person is carrying. So the report said that there is virtually no difference in CT value between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons when they become infected therefore they’re expected to be just as contagious.

    However officials have said that vaccinated people may have a lower risk of catching COVID-19 and that the jab may help protect against serious disease in vulnerable populations. I think around 75% of Brits were fully vaccinated at the time of the report and the fully vaccinated deaths were around 54% of the total deaths which means they were underrepresented in deaths, supporting the notion that vaccination granted some protection. However, a caveat is that the protection wanes over time (which is why there is a 3rd booster shot being administered in Israel now).

    However the most ominous thing I’ve seen some scientists draw attention to, is the effect that mass vaccination with a vaccine that admits transmission of the virus (during the active pandemic) may have on the evolution of the pandemic itself. They believe it will exert “selection pressure” on the virus to evade the vaccines completely and that will leave vaccinated people worse off than if they weren’t jabbed.

    One has to be careful where one brings up such uncomfortable information because some people are not prepared to handle it.

    How it works:
    1) The pandemic is active and variants are being created by mutations as the virus replicates within the large global reservoir of unvaccinated people.

    2) The vaccines target the spike protein (creating antibodies against it) but the spike protein is constantly picking up little changes as the virus mutates.

    3) As the population vaccinates in large numbers, variants which are defeated by the vaccine are suppressed and those which aren’t begin to predominate.

    4) The freedoms given to vaccinated people (to gather etc) allow them to spread these variants effectively

    5) Once a dangerous vaccine-evading variant arrives in that population, the now useless anti-spike antibodies out-compete other non-specific antibodies for binding with the virus inside their bodies due to their higher concentrations as a result of the multiple inoculations and boosters.

    The scientist whose research I was reading was more concerned about this than any potential direct side-effect of the vaccines. I hope this doesn’t come to pass but, unfortunately, it makes sense to me.

    1. The pandemic is contrived for sinister motives. Everything connected with Covid is Junk Science foisted on a fearful and gullible world. The virus, the lock downs, the masks, the abuse of PCR for diagnosis, the temperature checks at commercial entrances, the ubiquitous little bottles of alcohol, the relentless propaganda and most especially the soon-to-be-mandatory lethal injections are all Junk Science.

      The people behind all this are masters – or hire masters – of crowd psychology and have the most sinister and evil intentions for all of us. – Anonymous, Comment 651, “The Covid Debate: To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx,” Unz Review, 15 August, 2021

      a good summary of what appears to be the case.

  2. My mind glazes over when offered these technical details. They seem to be based on faulty science and politically biased suppositions.

    The cognitive dissonance between real life and alternative media is just mind boggling. It’s like living in two different worlds. One where covid is real and being managed by effective means (masks and vaccinations). The other world covid is a fraud forced upon the people by rich, powerful and corrupt elite. I happen to be of that opinion based on the evidence: faulty testing, inflating of death statistics, the promotion of a dangerous gene altering injection falsely called a vaccine. This information is available online but unreported by mainstream media. Hence the schism between mainstream and alternative media. One only has to look at mainstream’s coverage of 911 to see that MSN is an untrustworthy source. It only reports the official narrative and hides countervailing information. I believe it is aptly described as a scamdemic. A fraud of vast worldwide dimensions. All available data confirms this. The masks don’t work and the “vaccines” are dangerous. In this world, the alternative one, covid is no more dangerous than the common flu.

    Despite my evidence based beliefs, however, I am obliged to conform to the official narrative in public and social life. I must wear a mask, “social distance” and am expected to get “vaccinated”. That’s “real life” and that is the one I have to conform to when out in public. People believe that these protocols work, so I have to pretend I do too, in particular by wearing a surgical mask and not coming near to other people.

    1. Part of the issue is a kind of scientific elitism whereby people exalt “science” to almost religious status while the scientists become priests who do not have to explain and can’t be questioned. But this is totally contrary to actual science which is all about questioning. In fact, you can find scientists with different expert opinions on the same topic. In addition, science isn’t “pure” and immune to politics because scientists have to be funded too!

      Yet the common mantra you hear these days is “trust the science” as if science is a collection of dogma not a method of inquiry. This mantra is ultimately used to demonize dissenting opinions and promote censorship

      (Their pro-censorship leanings is one of the reasons I was extremely disillusioned with the Dems around the time of HRC’s campaign when they were trying to lock up whistleblowers like Snowden and were persecuting independent journalists such as Wikileaks.)

      Personally, I have no reason to believe that the COVID-19 disease doesn’t exist. However, I do question some of the ways governments have responded and some of the things being told to the public. The latest is the push for mass vaccination to achieve “herd immunity”.

      The idea is that the virus transmits from person to person, say, from person A -> B -> C -> D. [Actually there could be other branches from person A alone (i.e A transmits to multiple people) but I’m keeping it straightforward.]

      Now let’s assume that B is immune because he or she already caught the disease and recovered (or was vaccinated with a vaccine that grants complete immunity). Let us also assume that persons C and D are NOT immune.

      Persons C and D would nonetheless be protected because person B, by being immune, acted as a firewall which cut the transmission chain. So the idea of “herd immunity” is that you’ll have enough people who can’t get sick or transmit the disease to prevent the virus from spreading easily even though some people are still susceptible.

      (It should be clear any serious outbreak will eventually burn out on its own as people either get sick and die or recover and become immune thus shielding the remaining unexposed people.)

      The big problem I have, nomad, with the current vaccination drive against COVID-19 being sold as a means to achieve “herd immunity” is that the available vaccines DO NOT RELIABLY BLOCK TRANSMISSION of the virus. Even if vaccinated people do not get severe symptoms, they can nonetheless get sick and spread the disease while they’re the ones being told (in some countries) that they have a “pass” so they can go everywhere.

      There was a recent cruise where more than 95% of the people on board were vaccinated yet 27 people got sick and one 77 year old passenger even died. 99.98% of the crew was vaccinated, they said, but 26 of the people who caught COVID-19 were crew members. The vaccination status of the passenger who died has not been revealed, AFAIK.

      Meanwhile in the land “Down Under” (Australia), there are extreme lockdowns in some states until vaccination thresholds are reached with the promise of “freedom” for the vaccinated at that time. Yet we know the disease can still spread among the vaccinated and the virus is continuing to mutate ways that may eventually completely defeat existing vaccines. So, to me, the policy and the reality are not aligning. That is the part that makes me uncomfortable.

      When they achieve their jab objective yet outbreaks continue to occur among those pass-possessing vaccinated people, what’s going to be the policy then?

      More lockdowns pending another coerced medical intervention?

      I’m afraid even previously cooperative people will be at their wits end by then.

      1. Lendman illustrates the polarity of mainstream and alternate media perfectly.

        Mainstream is obfuscating while alternative media is revealing what is otherwise being hidden from the public and outright lied about..

        He also expresses the same concern as you about what happens whenn the the jab everyone approach inevitably fails.

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