Debunking Big Lies About All Things Flu/Covid — Stephen Lendman

Debunking Big Lies About All Things Flu/Covid

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Virtually everything flu/covid related endorsed by US/Western dark forces, their media press agents, and public health supporters is all about destroying health, not protecting and preserving it.

Truth-telling medical experts and scientists are on the frontlines of exposing, challenging and debunking the mother of all state-sponsored/media promoted scams that’s all about mass-extermination on an unparalleled scale.

At a July 29 and 30 Interdisciplinary Symposium, former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon explained the following in prepared address:

“The reason I’ve been speaking out from the beginning is that (it’s) blindingly obvious from as early as April 2020 that we’ve been lied to.” 

To “those who might think I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist’, I say:” 

“There is an international plan. There’s nothing theoretical about it.”

Nations throughout the West and elsewhere “adopted” what Yeadon calls flu/covid “(Big) Lies.”

Followers of his public remarks — and likeminded medical and scientific experts — understand them.

“(A)s (his) humanities graduate daughter says, you don’t need (a biology or other science degree to know” what’s going on.

“(Y)ou just need common sense not to be completely stupid.”

US-led Western governments have  “been lying to you” since seasonal flu was renamed covid early last year.

“Why would I bother to speak out,” Yeadon asked?

“I’ve made no friends and have lost many over the last year, so the only reason I’m speaking out is to tell you what I’ve just said, that you’re being lied to, and there’s a very bad reason for that.”

“Unfortunately, (flu/covid jabs) are part of this very bad plan.”

Now retired, Yeadon “spent 32 years in the pharmaceutical industry working to create new, innovative medicines.” 

“So anyone who does that has my thumbs-up, provided the medicines are safe, and provided they’re used appropriately.”

“These gene-based (flu/covid jabs) are neither.”

They’re “not that at all.”

They’ve “never been used before on any scale for any kind of treatment in humans.

They “contain a piece of genetic code, either DNA, where the viruses carry them into your body, or messenger RNA, which is the intermediate step between your genes and protein, which is the product, and those are used just to be basically a slippery coating of lipid nanoparticles to help them slide into your cells.”

“(T)here are at least two major problems.”  

“Major problem number one:”

Jabs contain “what’s called ‘spike proteins.’ ” 

Pfizer and Moderna “came up with this bright idea that if we can code those in these gene-based (flu/covid jabs), then your body will manufacture some of that.’ ”

“How’s that?” Your “body (has been) taken over to become a manufacturer of virus proteins.” 

“You never thought you were doing that before, did you?” 

“(U)nfortunately, the spike protein is highly active biologically. It does lots of things.”

“(I)t will cause your blood to clot wherever it is expressed sufficiently in your blood.”

The “unique process (is) not benign. It’s toxic. It’s a biological toxin.”

“(T)he other problem is (that) when you get a fixed dose, (your) genetic code” is reengineered.

You’ve become a genetically modified organism — defying nature. 

“Operation Warp Speed “miss(ed) steps” essential in drug development.

“And then they lie to you and say “(w)e haven’t missed the steps.”

“You can’t” do that. “If you go very quickly, there are some things you have not done.”

“(T)here’s been a complete failure of the regulatory process.”

“We have no idea what those steps should be for a gene-based (flu/covid jab).” 

“No idea. There are no medicines of this type in humans in a mass population.” 

“No one knows what the right things are to do.” 

“We don’t know how they distribute in the body.”

“We don’t know for how long they make how much protein, and in which bit of the body.” 

“As a biologist I’m simply horrified.” 

“I’d be terrified if someone said ‘you have to have this,’ because I would know they have no idea where it’s going to go.”

“They haven’t done any of the studies (required to assure) safety.”

“They’ve got almost no safety data” on what’s been administered to millions of people in the West and elsewhere.

FDA and CDC “emergency use authorization (is at a time when there’s) nothing approaching an emergency.”

We’ve been lied to “about the number of people in hospital(s).”

“If you look up the work of Dr. Peter McCullough, you’ll find five or six or seven therapies that work, (including) hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin, ivermectin, fluvoxamine, dexameth, and the list goes on.”

Flu/covid is “the most treatable respiratory viral illness ever.” 

“So this idea that there are no treatments is an utter lie.”

Instead, toxic jabs were OK’d that “toxicologists would probably have nightmares over.”

“And they let you have it because there was an alleged public health emergency” that doesn’t exist. 

“Of course there’s” none. 

“And they said you have to (be jabbed) because there are no treatments, which is a complete lie.”

“Complete informed consent” is entirely absent when most needed.

“It’s going to get worse” ahead, Yeadon believes.

“I knew there was something very badly wrong, because I knew the virus was not as lethal as” falsely claimed.

Given what’s gone on since early last year, Yeadon stressed:

“I’ve never been as ashamed of the industry I used to work in” as now.

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