Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist — Soren Dreier


“…What the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ actually means. It represents free thinkers who are courageous, conscious and aware, acting from a place of love to expose the darkness in the world… The post Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist appeared first on Soren Dreier.

Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist — Soren Dreier


The truth about the injection

As a reminder, here’s some truth about the injection they want to force onto you, your children and society.

This is an injection that is still in its clinical trial.

This is an injection that is using technology never before used in humans.

This is an injection that, when tested on animals, caused most of them to die from immune enhancement.

This is an injection that the makers or government have no liability for.

This is an injection made by companies who have paid out billions in fraud and bribery.

This is an injection that the very founder of mRNA technology is extremely worried about

This is an injection which so far has killed thousands of people across the world and caused a mass of debilitating health conditions.

This is an injection that does not stop you from getting covid, dying from covid or transmitting covid. Latest governement data shows that 62% of deaths have been from vaccinated individuals.

This is an injection that means you still have to quarantine, isolate, mask up and be tracked and traced.

This is an injection about which there is no debate, no pause for concern, no alternative opinions in the mainstream media

This is an injection that is for a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate.

This is an injection that still requires isolation, quarantine, testing, masks, track and trace and booster jabs.

This is an injection that promised freedom in exchange for our compliance. A pattern tha’t’s been happening over and over and over again.

This is an injection that is being pushed despite safe and effective treatments being readily available.

This is an injection that doctors and scientists are speaking out against in their thousands yet are heavily attacked for doing so.

This is an injection which millions are protesting against because they know what it is and what it’s doing.

Vaccine passports and the conspiracy behind them

Am I a conspiracy theorist for thinking this injection is dangerous? No. It’s not a theory, it’s playing out right in front of us all on the world stage.

We naively assume that governments have only ever been evil, corrupt and manipulative in the past, that it would never happen in this day and age. This reminds me of something I read about the German public’s reaction to the concentration camps in Germany.

They absolutely refused to believe it was true, they thought that something so evil, so monstrous, so overwhelmingly terrifying, could never happen so close to home, in a civilised society like theirs. Most of them had to actually visit the camps to see and believe it with their own eyes, such was their level of denial. 

This same level of denial is running rampant in society right now. Look around you. Can you not see the corrupt, tyrannical dictatorships killing, torturing and imprisoning their citizens? As this article so eloquently points out, what reasonable person would continue to inhabit such a fantasy world?

So, keep on living in denial. Keep on calling me a conspiracy theorist. Keep on living unconsciously.

There are no winners, we all suffer if we all keep living in denial. And if you want to deny the so-called conspiracy that this injection is dangerous then tell that to the families of those victims who are have been irreversably injured or killed.

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