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Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist — Soren Dreier

by ANTONIA BEAMISH “…What the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ actually means. It represents free thinkers who are courageous, conscious and aware, acting from a place of love to expose the darkness in the world… The post Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist appeared first on Soren Dreier. Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist — Soren Dreier […] […]

Reddit Captured By Nat’l Security State

Watch the full episode: https://portable.tv/videos/fallofreddit

The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

The Role of Foundations, Forums and Other NGOs Anders Lee exposes the real reason why philanthropy has been growing and what it means for the world at this unstable point in history. The Philanthropy Industrial Complex has been a staple of the capitalist system since the beginning. Widespread suffering is systemic to capitalism and the […]