Planned State-Sponsored Genocide on an Unparalleled Scale — Stephen Lendman

Planned State-Sponsored Genocide on an Unparalleled Scale — Stephen Lendman

Planned State-Sponsored Genocide on an Unparalleled Scale

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Mass extermination in Nazi death camps was a drop in the ocean compared to planned US/Western genocide on an unparalleled scale by lethal injections called covid jabs.

State-approved talking points claiming that mass-jabbing for seasonal flu-renamed covid is safe and effective is part of media proliferated mass deception to mind-manipulate maximum numbers of unwitting people to self-inflict harm.

When used as prescribed, safe, effective, inexpensive hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, and either zithromax or doxycycline cure covid when taken within about 10 days after experiencing symptoms.

So does highly effective ivermectin. Dr. Pierre Kory called the drug “miraculous,” adding:

“(W)hen I say ‘miracle,’ I do not use that term lightly.”

Ivermectin “obliterates (covid) transmission” safely when used as directed.

“I’m a lung specialist…an ICU specialist,” he explained.

“Early treatment is key. We need to offload the hospitals.”

When used as prescribed, ivermectin “prevents the (need for) hospitalization.”

In cahoots with US dark forces and Pharma profiteers, establishment media falsely claim otherwise — notably the self-styled newspaper of record NYT.

It lied saying the following:

Calling safe and effective ivermectin “controversial (sic),” it falsely claimed there’s no “scientific evidence for its efficacy against the coronavirus (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

It lied saying seasonal flu now called covid “is one of the greatest challenges modern medicine has ever faced (sic).”

It lied claiming “(t)here is no cure…for” covid (sic).

It lied saying “studies (sic) of hydroxychloroquine have found that it failed to prevent or treat influenza and other viral illnesses (sic).”

It lied claiming “(t)here is no evidence that hydroxychloroquine can prevent (or cure) coronavirus infection (sic).”

The Pharma-controlled FDA falsely claimed that hydroxychloroquine can cause covid patients to experience dangerous abnormalities in heart rhythm (sic).

The agency lied claiming it received multiple reports about covid-ill patients who required hospitalization after taking ivermectin.

Unapproved by the FDA to treat flu/covid, the Pharma controlled agency falsely said use of HCQ or ivermectin to treat the viral illness can be very dangerous (sic).

The above rubbish is all about pushing people to self-inflict harm from lethal injections as part of a diabolical depopulation scheme by US/Western dark forces, Pharma and their media press agents.

The European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) EudraVigilence reports a sampling of adverse reactions to meds in EU countries:

On June 19, it reported over 1.5 million injuries — more than 750,000 called serious — and nearly 15,500 deaths from around six months of (toxic) covid mass-jabbing.

It defined serious as illness causing death or threatening it that requires hospitalization or causes “significant disability or incapacity.”

Along with data from the CDC/FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and Britain’s Yellow Card system, EudraVigilence reported casualties from covid mass-jabbing reflect the tip of a far greater number of harmed people.

In around six months of covid mass-jabbing in the West, casualties — including deaths — likely number in the millions, the daily toll mounting exponentially as long as what’s going on continues unchecked.

State-sponsored, media supported efforts continue daily to convince maximum numbers of people in the US and West to get jabbed and rejabbed with what harms health, shortens lifespans, and kills near-or-longer-term.

Preserving and protecting what’s too precious to lose requires rejection of their diabolical plan to destroy health by falsely pretending otherwise.

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