Chemwatch: It’s chemtrail season +Update

Well, I can see by the clock on the wall, that it’s chemtrail season. Well, I can see by the stripes in the sky. That it’s chemtrail season. After the ice and snow of February followed by overcast days and some occasional clear though pale skies, the classic chemtrail gridwork showed up today. The pale but clear skies of last week means spraying was taking place somewhere else, the sky made pale by aerosols being blown in from adjacent areas. Now it’s our turn to be sprayed. And I bet it is probably just that systematic: spraying vectored areas in sequence, depending on the geoengineering objective. It was a virtual web of chemtrails overhead today. Now, in the evening, those trails are spreading and melting into a translucent canopy.

I would not be surprised to see more bad weather descend upon this area. Chemtrail bombardments such as today’s usually portend bad weather. The geoengineers tend to spray ahead of weather fronts. Like I always say: Chemtrails abombing? Bad weather’s coming.

UPDATE 3/11/21

I must add, the weather’s been beautiful this week. Temps in the 70s for highs. No rain. I now revise what I said about chemtrails portending bad weather. Sometimes heavy chemtrails can mark the coming of good weather. The geoengineers like to spray ahead of weather fronts, whether it marks a change from good weather to bad, or from bad weather to good. Like this time around.


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