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Deceit & Corruption – Every time we follow the money it leads us to Bill Gates — The Most Revolutionary Act

The Daily Expose William Henry Gates III a.k.a Bill Gates is an American billionaire who founded the Microsoft Corporation in 1975, which went on to become the world’s largest personal computer software company. Gates lead the company as chairman and CEO until the year 2000 where he resigned from his role as CEO. Bill […] Deceit […]

Ten Fatal Errors: Scientists Attack Paper That Established Global PCR Driven Lockdown — Aletho News

By Celia Farber | Uncover DC | December 3, 2020 War has broken out in the scientific literature that strikes at the existential core of Covid-19 and its proposed causative virus. At the heart of the controversy lies the fact that the creators of the most commonly used test, the RT-PCR, published instructions for how […] […]