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How the Gates Foundation seeded America’s COVID-19 policy catastrophes

By Jordan Schachtel | The Dossier | New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is finally facing the heat for his botched and criminally negligent coronavirus response policies, yet no one seems to be asking why Cuomo and select governors made the fateful decisions that led to the excess deaths — and the coverup campaigns — of tens of […]

Black History Month: Reflections on the Tuskegee Study and Its Moral Harm — Global Research

Black History Month challenges all of us to learn, reflect and understand many things about the Black American experience, among them the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This outrage, perpetrated by the US Public Health Service, was not conducted for a year or even a decade – it went on for forty years. Originally intended to be […]


…”The final stage is when the “solution” is created — in this case, the masses of unemployed people could receive a universal basic income that’s credited onto digital IDs backed by Gates’ Microsoft and the Rockefellers, which are implanted into your hand. Smart cities ensue, along with 24/7 surveillance. “This is made possible by the… COVID […]