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2020 Vision: A Synopsis

I began the year minding my own business. Writing about the skies overhead and the air we breathe. I’m all about that air. 2020 VISION*: SO, OUR BEHAVIOR IS INFLUENCED BY WHAT WE BREATHE? And then blam! 2020 VISION*: ENTER CORONAVIRUS I was aghast at the overeaction. 2020 VISION*: LOCKDOWN WAS A BIG MISTAKE I thought, there must […]

HIDDEN HISTORY: The Strange Tale of William Patrick Hitler’s Family Secret — RIELPOLITIK

Source – nona-people.blogspot.com “…Adolf Hitler spent five months in Liverpool, allegedly to dodge being conscripted into the Austrian Army before World War One.…Hitler stayed in a flat in Liverpool with his married half-brother Alois from November 1912 to April 1913“ WILLIAM HITLER William Hitler was born in Liverpool, in the UK. He was the son […] […]