COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist? — Global Research

Editor’s Note This is a controversial issue which has been raised by several prominent scientists. On January 7, 2020 the Chinese authorities “identify a new type of virus” which was “isolated”. The CDC also confirmed that the virus had been … The post COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist? appeared first on Global Research.

COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist? — Global Research


  1. taotesan · · Reply

    why is this still being dragged out .
    9 months of this.

    this ” virus” to any person with two brain cells would have known from the very beginning , existed only in the viirulent minds of its authors , spread by hate , infecting the targeted hosts with the debilitating and malicious words of terror . the only cure for this malicious virulence is to innoculate oneself by closing one’s ears to viiral words of fear and lies , or getting rid of the tv. to guard against any further strain or mutation that rhe wordmongers are programming for a further outbreak of tv covid. to accelerate rheir delivery of poison.

    it really works – ask any person, who has followed this simple protocols .

    if one is still agnostic about this virus of language , no amount of analysis or studies will be able to help .. but rhe question arises , why are they queztioning it now?
    could they not figure it out from the very beginning . why alll this over words ? theu must hand wribg on rheir own and let people get on wuth their lives.

    Oh , see ! they dont want that , they want to drag this out . no virus.. no vaccine .. no words necessary. no need to save humanity. .

    its a foregone conclusion that not even a truth serum will be able to dis infect the virulent minds of the generators of this tv virus.

    but rhe infection of hate , alienation , societal breakdown , what cure is there for that – when love has been banished ?

    1. Yes. Whether the virus exists or not has become a secondary issue. Of much more critical importance is the impacts, social, economic and otherwise, of the draconian measures taken to counter it. Even though of secondary relevance at this point, it is still worth knowing whether the novel virus covid 19 actually exists or is purely fictional.

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