Axiom one: Don’t trust MSN +Update

It is hard to debate with Norman. He believes that truth can never really be known. Or at least that is what I surmise from our conversations. Truth is a matter of a particular perspective on a problem, which of course is different according to said perspective. Such people as hold this point of view ‘agree to disagree’, which is a way of denying, not only whatever assertions you propose, but, in a lot of cases, denying reality as well. Whatever argument is put forward, Norman says ‘you’re entitled to your opinion’.

We talked of the schism of ideological and political perspective between mainstream news sources and alternative sources, each painting a different picture of the world (the alternative sources painting several). The picture that’s true is the one you believe is true, would say my friend. Truth is relative. And the reading and watching of alternative versus MSN sources only serve to reinforce whatever you already believe. In that equation, MSN is just as valid as alternative news, which often contradicts it. This is a very nihilistic attitude for Norman to take. In it, your reality cannot be informed by anything new. It can only be reinforced with more of the same.

The fact is that not all interpretations of the reality of the world we live in are equal. The MSN perspective is downright deceptive and, for that reason alone, inferior to alternative news. Alternative news, of course, can be deceptive as well, but in the main, alternative media focuses on revealing what MSN tends to hide or distort. To the degree that it does this, it is far superior to MSN.

Perhaps truth cannot actually be known, as Norman seems to assert. But some interpretations of truth get closer to the ideal than others. Sources that deceive and propagandize are the least likely to reveal objective truth. And that is what MSN does. It is, in my view, not to be trusted. That’s axiom one.



I sent this to Norman, in hopes of changing his mind about getting the vaccination.

Miami obstetrician Dr Gregory Michael, 58, died after a catastrophic reaction to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine his wife claims.
The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner is investigating the death of Dr. Gregory Michael after he received a Covid-19 vaccine.
In Icelandthree people who were vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus have now died.
Þrír nú látist eftir bólusetningu hér á landi –
Rate of adverse reactions to COVID Vaccines already 50x higher than Flu Shot 
Rate Of Adverse Reactions To COVID Vaccines … 
An investigation has been launched by public health authorities in Mexico after a young doctor was left paralyzed minutes after taking the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. 
Her family have asked for more research to be carried out.

Karla Cecilia Perez was left partially paralyzed in her arms and legs mere hours after receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech jab on December 30 and was immediately placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Coahuila, in Nuevo Leon state. She also presented difficulties with speaking, according to media reports.
2 people died in Norway days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 …
Israel – Deaths hours after COVID vaccination Health authorities on alert after nurse DIES following vaccination with Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot in Portugal

COVID WAR — Aangirfan

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