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Axiom one: Don’t trust MSN +Update

It is hard to debate with Norman. He believes that truth can never really be known. Or at least that is what I surmise from our conversations. Truth is a matter of a particular perspective on a problem, which of course is different according to said perspective. Such people as hold this point of view […]

COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist? — Global Research

Editor’s Note This is a controversial issue which has been raised by several prominent scientists. On January 7, 2020 the Chinese authorities “identify a new type of virus” which was “isolated”. The CDC also confirmed that the virus had been … The post COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist? appeared first on Global Research. COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does […]

COVID WAR (and vaccine casualties)— Aangirfan

Mike Pence.Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects World Maphttps://youtube.com/embed/8ncE5yYQvJY “And that’s what they want – a Globalist dictator, controlling a small population of serfs, or robotized slaves, that move only when told, own nothing and are given a digital blockchain controlled universal income, that, depending on their behavior and obedience, they may use to buy food, pleasure and comfort. “Once the slaves […]