Nearly 4 Times as Many Cops Killed Themselves Than Were Shot and Killed in 2020 — The Free Thought Project

It is important to talk about why the number of cops who committed suicide nearly quadrupled the number of cops shot and killed in the line of duty in 2020.

Nearly 4 Times as Many Cops Killed Themselves Than Were Shot and Killed in 2020 — The Free Thought Project


  1. taotesan · · Reply

    nomad , i cant articulate fully and why i find this article so obscene. i admit i had only scanned it.

    i remeber , at least three tkme s in my life, i had read such a proganda piece

    in 1984, when i was , and the “white ” facisf govenment had sent in army tanks in schools after their counterpart black and white jewish communist agitators tried to whip us to revolt against ‘apartheid . ‘ in some carefully crafted dialectical play against the real oppressed . rhe ugly obscene violence against innocent peiple was so devasting – we knew the might of the state and would not dare to make a mistake – lest they put us in their prisons . the police we were told were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and were committing suicide . not one person came to the aid of the poor victims of the states brutality , becuase it was contrilled from both sides. then i read somethibg like that out of one of frantz fanons books , a marxist spook , tortureds committibg suicide . it was so surreal livibg in a police state a d then the dictators messngers trying to spin some sympathy story about suiceide

    it only makes sense when you KNOW you have survived police bruatlity and have tried against all odds to continue tk livd and find meaning to life.

    what is the purpose of this article? since we are in the greatest pandemic ever known to man ever, why have the police themselves not quarantined ? any kinf of elicit5of sympathy for the devils workers is beyond obscene. the desperation to find work to feed one’ s family i cannot understand , but policing as we have EXPERIENCED , has been put to the use kf terrorizing and brutalizing its citizens . and how many of victims the state sanctioned terorist agents , through a combination of enforced starvation, dispair , and utter terror , have turned on themselves and their loves , since there IS no escape? what testimony do survivors who endure the worst psychological abuses and humilaiations without any recourse, siince it has been totally shut down in the facist state ? How are they surviving ?

    now the victims have to be subjected to another psychological operation. what is the meaning of this aricle?
    why would they commit suicide- they have been dehumanized when they willing vvolunteered to terrorize imnocenrs on behalf of the state. whay steps have they taken since they had the means to stop hurting people . The first year should have informed them policingos not protect the oppressed but to uphold the tyranny of the state. yet they continued . what steps of rehabilitation of the soul have they taken ? if indeed this propaganda piece has any bearing to the truth , then what is the inference?.its either a nihilistkc piece , or some kind of job , that the excesses of the state terror can be ameliorated. it is neither , it is a si k job for the victims who have no voice to their suffering to sympathise wuth volunteers of terror of the state.

    One little detail sticks out – a whole survey and written out prop piece of contrroled opposition that the causes of death is suicide when the rest of the population is blanketly covered with covid 19. how would rhey know and how could rhey know? And of the cases of suicide were that sky high , ehat has the state done about? a disgusting sympathy piece , like mandela and tutu conning south afrjcan who have endured the worst and now thus – to forgive our tormentors.

    since march , every body had a choice on this tyrannical nightmare, however , slim to choose good over evil.. what have the police done ? And that goes in my country. this kind of agitprop should be handed straight to the top employer s of these men and women twho were trained o turn against the vulnerabke , not aimed at the victims of a monstrous nightmare which the police have helped enforce. .

    We are living a nightmare, and the psychological operations are still being compunded by stories of death , mostly fictitious.. the causes of fatalies and personal tragedy over the last 9 months, worldwide , could have been avoided if the authours of this apocalypse only kept their mouths shut. none would have the wiser. the same stories over over and over ..words are the viruses. words.

    a few weeks , i sought the help of the police , not fully understanding that their only job is to protect the rich and esrablishment . if i (one of millions) describe the incomprehensible intentional evil we experience, the police had abandoned their care of duty long ago. a fait accompli.
    those police CHOSE to dispect me on such a fundamental level at a time a buman being need help, that i will never ever want to see the sight of any one of them ever again that goes for every single sellout . they had a choice to good and they did .

    it is terrifying witnessing how the world is being turned into a soviet north korea. on the one hand the populace cheering for their choice of dicator while sympathing with the police .
    the people here know the police is not on their side , but the press are pushing us to turn against our neighnours ifor you know what . ” the terror they have caused in our homes -they now have campaigns for peopel to report the domestic terror they HAVE CREATED against one another.

    the obsxenity of rhe whole project for mankinds extinction, i cannot , cannot , will not ever accept. .

    i know most of my post miggt come off as a rant from , but i know i am not the only one. And the days of scholarly argumentation of the rights and wongs should be banished. Only real work against oppression , but how to do it when humanity has been shattered by teror for their business project under a POLICE STATE.

    I almost know for a fact , that more police have been employed / deployed than any ambulance in any part of america if south africa is anything to go by .

    is this article trying to justify the slightly reduced police ina police state presence , now that the fear of gods have been put into people to police themselves?

    the pleas of one innocent person against insane police brulality , should have been enough for any one policeman to vacate their duties immediately .and if i am entirely wrong , then why havent the EMPLOYERS being wiped out a nationwide class action suit . would the same lawyers on both sides defend them ?all could have been a avoided if the owners and the state did not see the most vulnerable as criminals, in order to prtoect themselves and their interests.
    the ones are tops do not care one way or the other about the faceless faces under jackboot . why should we. care about the soulless in their jackboots? because they have already invented that psyop more than 2000 years ago. contrary to popular belief , christianity has never been outlawed in other fascist communst countries, including north korea.

    what i take from this piece , that they want to sofren the jacboot of totalitarianism on the faceless.

    what we all should be doing , uninterruptedly is providing for ourselves and our families in rhe most honest way . these police have never done a honest day’s work in their lives., if the last nine months are anything to go. fu ck off with that – forcing children !!°to wear mask s under the threat of their parents arrest ! what work is that ? how desperate can one be ?

    For the last nine months , we have heard nothing but death , fear, chaos, pandemonium.

    *my limited sympathies lies with that policemen , after soul searxhing introspection , turned their lives around, triying to make amends to the victims of the police state . it is for their souls that they have an imperitive to do so.

    Ah ! yes – this piece was written to take ones eyes off the new reality that americans are living in a police state, garnering sympathy from the victims and partnerships with the classes that still believe in this project.

    you probably will not read this and dismiss it as rantings of an old stupid african but i am telling you this is the second time i am forced to live under alls sides under this incarnatjon of nazi / communist fascism, with a brief peiod as debt slave conzumer, with censorship
    Who speaks for the victims of the jackboot ? Who hears? Who cares? no memorial or reparations or amend s or care to properly diagnose their deaths . the utter depraved disrepect .and the siirens of truth , with the imprint of the jackboot on their face- who hears ?

    no they will bring in their own opposition like assange and sponsored cia projects to control the narrative with 1000s of paid agents.
    the suicidal poliice are paid to protect the oppressor.
    they have only always preyed on the weak,, no defanging will ever change that , especially as the winds of change are sweeping all around us, with the state ever more progressive , with advanced surveillance and mind- control – technology.
    the far off dystopian has always been here, the progress, the suble tyranny, by means of brainwashing (in the case of this article) and other tools of tyranny envisaged by the sick minds of this global onslaught to not only accept , but embrace their slavery .

    If for nothing , i would prefer t leave this mortal coill with my mind and soul intact ,as a sovereign being b not acquiescing to mind control propaganda.and neither should anyone .

    Seriously , am i far off, why when most people have been through hell and back should they care about about their brutalizers? The police have a duty unto themselves to answer to the dictates of their own conscience.and rhe authors of this article should not bring to bear anything else that would cause stress to an already hurt people .

    The attempt to humaninize the tyranny further traumatiz es victims of terror , but its superlluous reporting underlies the unrevealed fact – there is an agenda behind it ., without the deep sense of sorrow that ahould go with such trajedy in rhese unprecedented times .

    there is something not right with informing the disempowered, the fictitiously padded high deaths of the jackboots against the fatalities of the victoms of tyranny.

    rhe mundane reporting of deaths makes tragedy banal . why . is nothing sacred anymore ? for sure the death of truth and honestly has received its last nail in the coffin , when were ordered to separate from each other and instead l listen to the authorities.

    our last freedoms have cold heartedly and brutally been murdered.

    which memorial can we attend ? who listens to our sorrow?
    we might not make it this year, what about our children. ? OUR OLD PEOPLE , WHOM WE SHOULD BE VENERATING AND CHERISHING, are dying of broken hearts with no one to hold them , to honour them with compassion and care for a life they have served their families and loved ones ?imagine dying of a broken heart ? happening around the world and now under the threat of enforced “vaccinations”. . my heart is those people. how have the police made any one ‘s lives betters since march 2020 ? I really would like to know .
    the epitaphs to our deaths a sick joke which the jackboot owners are delighting with sick glee already inscribed on the georgia guideztones .

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    this phone i can hardly seeing the screen so many embarrassing mistakes be taken taken all

  3. taotesan · · Reply

    Could you delete or correct f you can , please nomad .

    1. what? the article or your comment. not sure which youre referring to.

  4. taotesan · · Reply

    my comment – while it is scathing against your article- the errors are too numerous for it to be taken seriously or you can let it stand. disregarding the embarrassing mistakes.

  5. taotesan · · Reply

    nomad, i apologize for this . but may i ask you if you were being rude , curt or shorthand-? so i kmow where i stand – almost every single hero if mine i have lost in trying to the understand this whole matrix., – so i wont have much to lose except the sting of misapprehension what your website is all about .. and if you are same person from abagond days .

    1. nope. not rude or curt. just me.

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