Any medical professional or politician advocating for the continuation of lockdown measures is complicit in “Crimes Against Humanity”

Source – “…There is, however, another kind of wave—a tidal wave of injustice that has swept across the whole world in a way never before witnessed in history. It is a tsunami one could accurately describe as the single greatest con—the most massive crime—ever perpetrated against humanity. It comes to us courtesy of a globalist fascistic cabal”[…]

PROPAGANDA: “Mockingjay’, A Fabricated Second “Tidal Wave” of Poverty & Injustice – By David Skripac — RIELPOLITIK

A Fabricated Second “Tidal Wave” of Poverty and Injustice – By David Skripac


Crimes Against Humanity

The socioeconomic effects of the pretend pandemic, calculatingly created by the unnecessary closure of the world’s economy, is unparalleled in history. For example, at any given moment there are approximately 2.6 billion people living under some form of lockdown—a number larger than the entire world’s population at the onset of World War Two in 1939, when the population was approximately 2.3 billion.

Scientists have not even begun to fully analyse and quantify the unintended consequences of the lockdowns. Rates of alcoholism, depression, suicide, drug addiction, and domestic violence, which were already prevalent, have only increased with pandemic-induced feelings of isolation and helplessness. The initial exploratory studies done in this area are alarming, to say the least. For instance, quoted last August in a Financial Review article, Prof. Patrick McGorry, executive director of the youth mental health organization Orygen in Australia, noted:

“With another six weeks of a much more severe lockdown, people losing their jobs and youth unemployment, the consequences are severe on mental health and we are really seeing it. . . . We’ve probably lost about 400 people in Victoria to suicide this year, which is a lot more than the pandemic.” (emphasis added)

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) also paints a bleak picture of its country’s state of mental health during the crisis. In an NIH study released in August, authors William D. S. Killgore et al. concluded:

“[T]he percentage of respondents endorsing suicidal ideation was greater with each passing month for those under lockdown or shelter-in-place restrictions due to the novel coronavirus, but remained relatively stable and unchanged for those who reported no such restrictions. Public health policy and routine clinical care need to address the potential for increased suicidal thinking among those experiencing prolonged restrictions of normal social contact.”

Elsewhere in the world, other troublesome reports are also emerging. Take, for example, the signs of mental distress in Israel. During the country’s two lockdowns, volunteers at Eran, a service rendering emotional first aid, “received more than 70,000 calls,” wrote Lee Yaron in Haaretz. She added: 

“During the first lockdown, 732 of the 40,779 calls to Eran were suicidal. In the second lockdown a significantly lower number of calls were made—31,583—but 837 were suicidal, marking a 49.5 percent increase of suicidal calls.”

By comparison, in January and February, before any lockdowns had started, 480 calls were made to the Eran hotline.

It is therefore no surprise that Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University and one of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration advocating against lockdowns, explained during a debate:

“Lockdowns have absolutely catastrophic effects on physical and mental health of populations both domestically and internationally.”

We may never know the full extent of the deaths caused by the socioeconomic effects of the draconian lockdown measures.

We do, however, know that the planned and coordinated global economic collapse has caused a breakdown in the global food chain, affecting the lives of many millionsUNICEF’s July 2020 report warned,

“[W]hile it is too early to assess the full impact of the lockdowns and other containment measures, at least another 83 million people, and possibly as many as 132 million, may go hungry in 2020.”

This same grim statistic was echoed in Bloomberg a month later.

Moreover, the well-respected Lancet published a report in July showing that, as a result of the lockdowns, 125,000 children were expected to die from malnutrition and another 265 million to be placed in a position of severe food insecurity. The same month,Oxfam released an equally dire warning:

“[A]s many as 12,000 people could die per day by the end of the year as a result of hunger linked to COVID-19, potentially more than could die from the disease.” I reiterate that COVID-19 did not cause the hunger; the unscientific and unnecessary lockdowns caused the travesty. Clearly, then, this has been a manufactured hunger crisis of historic proportions.

In light of these sobering facts, I wish to posit that any medical professional or politician  advocating for the continuation of lockdown measures is complicit in “Crimes Against Humanity,” as outlined in Article 7, Part 1, of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The people who are implementing and enforcing lockdown measures are directly contributing to the untold suffering and deaths of millions of people—deaths that we will not be able to fully quantify for years, if ever.


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