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Bill Gates Deleted Documentary. [Why he switched from Microsoft to Vaccines.] — ‘This Side of Life’

(Natural News) It is difficult to understand how a man whose vaccine initiatives have injured and killed untold thousands of innocent children all around the world is now being given a platform to push for mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination as a condition for ending the lockdowns. Bill Gates, in case you had not yet figured out […]

Any medical professional or politician advocating for the continuation of lockdown measures is complicit in “Crimes Against Humanity”

Source – geopolitics.co “…There is, however, another kind of wave—a tidal wave of injustice that has swept across the whole world in a way never before witnessed in history. It is a tsunami one could accurately describe as the single greatest con—the most massive crime—ever perpetrated against humanity. It comes to us courtesy of a globalist fascistic […]