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Expect the cure to be worse than the disease

COVID-19 Vaccination. “Coerced Consent”? — Global Research A commonly heard presumption is that healthcare workers should be vaccinated first.  But what if……. ……….the vaccines induce immediate or latent adverse reactions that sideline these first responders and frontline workers?  It could be a catastrophe.  […] Expect the cure to be worse than the disease. The so-called […]

The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

by Jon Rappoport December 7, 2020 (To join our email list, click here.) Below you will find a piece I wrote months ago on the grand China deception. First, I want to provide context. If there really were a dangerous virus on the loose in China, NOTHING could have stopped it. We would be seeing… The […]

Biden: ‘I’ll Develop Some Disease And Say I Have To Resign’ +UPDATE

No, I don’t know what this means either and have not been able to ferret out the context. A very strange thing for Biden to say. It suggests what many of us suspect. A premature exit for Biden and the ludicrous specter of a Kamala Harris presidency. Obama 2.0. UPDATE: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bronsonstocking/2020/12/03/watch-bidens-bewildering-answer-to-how-hell-resolve-disagreements-with-kamala-harris-n2581037