Daily Archives: November 29, 2020

A strange anti-science hysteria

We Have Immune Systems, New York Times Reveals Jeffrey A. Tucker  Scrub and spray everything with chemicals, bathe in Purell, mask up, stand no nearer to anyone else than six feet, stay away from crowds, douse yourself with alcohol, wash your hands and face raw, protect yourself from germs at all costs.  Some nations are […]

Ramola D. Panel Discussion — 11/28/20 — NoFakeNews.net

This panel discussion was hosted by Ramola Dharmaraj (Ramola D.) and Michelle Young. The panel guests included besides yours truly: Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a powerful public speaker at Trafalgar Square, who was recently interviewed by David Icke and earlier this year by Brian Rose of London Real. http://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/ Sandi Adams, an expert on the UN Agenda […] […]

Mask-Wearing: Ineffective, Potentially Hazardous. To Be Mandated in the US?

Mask-Wearing: Ineffective, Potentially Hazardous. To Be Mandated in the US? by Stephen Lendman We’re living through unprecedented times. Covid is another form of seasonal flu/influenza that occurs annually like clockwork. Millions of people are affected worldwide with no fear-mongering mass hysteria, no lockdowns, social distancing and mask-wearing — until 2020. What’s likely to continue ad […]