Fret not, silly peasant, the government has everything under control

Time to Pay Attention: Grocery Stores Now Being Closed Under New Lockdown Measures — The Free Thought Project

 Matt Agorist


…fret not silly peasant, the government has everything under control. Oh wait, actually they don’t have anything under control and it has been this way since day one.

If you think that the government — whose coronavirus ‘task force’ consisted of more lobbyists than it did public health experts — has your interests in mind, think again. From the start, the feds have seemingly done everything in their power to make things worse. From selling all of our PPE to China to sending out faulty tests to completely under estimating community transmission, the largest multi-trillion dollar bureaucracy the world has ever seen has completely dropped the ball in regard to the coronavirus.

As a result of utter incompetence and outright insidious backdoor deals, the United States’s response to COVID-19 has been a massive dumpster fire. The only tool left in the toolbox appears to be taking away what little freedom Americans have left.

It is easy to say “close all the non-essential businesses to prevent the spread,” when you are a governor or bureaucrat who continues to receive a taxpayer funded check. It is easy to sic cops — who are also on the taxpayers’ dime — on businesses who refuse those orders so their families don’t starve. And, it is easy to blame the public’s disobedience when those orders, mandates, and dictates fail to stop the virus from spreading.

You cannot simply close everything down and expect the American public to live off of a one-time $1,200 check. It is no wonder there is massive resistance and unrest.

The orders are so arbitrary and ridiculous in nature that even the tyrant governors who issue them have been caught breaking them. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has been seen on video and photographs disobeying his own orders — which have gotten average citizens beaten and arrested. He’s even been seen hugging people while maskless. 

Louisiana Gov. Jon Bel Edwards — while forcing bars to shudder across the state — was caught on video breaking the gathering size limit while simultaneously hiring a private bar company for a political fundraiser.

Even Gov. Grisham in New Mexico — who is now forcing grocery stores to close — has been caught breaking her own rules. During her mandated closure of non-essential businesses, she had a store open up so she could buy jewelry. 

This list goes on and on and on.

The hypocritical response by the government is not at all surprising as this is what government does — do as I say, not as I do. With political leaders flaunting their above the law status, it should come as no surprise that there is massive resistance to their mandates. With the current political climate, it should also come as no surprise that the virus has been dangerously politicized.

The arguing on the left and the right has successfully whipped the country into a fit of insanity with many folks thinking it is a hoax, ignoring basic safety precautions and others being so scared of it that they kill themselves, die in their home refusing to the go to the doctor for a treatable illness, or advocate violence against their fellow citizens for refusing to obey any of the many arbitrary dictates.

As a result, Americans are more divided now than ever and we are no closer to getting back to normal than we were at the beginning of this monstrosity. In the meantime, as kids in the land of the free sink into deep depressions while being forced to stay at home, kids in China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea are going to concerts.

It seems that the downfall of the American empire may have begun, and the catalyst for it was a microscopic nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat.

Time to Pay Attention: Grocery Stores Now Being Closed Under New Lockdown Measures — The Free Thought Project

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