Except for Covid, People Got Healthier and Decided Not to Die in 2020

Well, What’s The Problem Then…? — Soren Dreier

Did all well known reasons to die, suddenly and magically go away?
Or did people just by random get healthier and decided not to die in 2020, sort of on top of a ‘ deadly pandemic’
Magical…or a sure sign of what people normally die from – is labeled: Covid. Even traffic accidents.

Total UK deaths from all causes in October was only EIGHT more than last year, ONS report shows

Coronavirus was the third biggest killer in England in October, official data shows – but the total number of deaths from all causes for the month was about the same as last year.

An Office for National Statistics report today found there were 43,265 fatalities recorded last month — just eight more than in October 2019 — of which 3,367 involved Covid-19 (7.8 per cent).

Well, What’s The Problem Then…? — Soren Dreier

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