Daily Archives: November 18, 2020

Leading Canadian Health Expert Outraged at Government Response to COVID — The Most Revolutionary Act

“I would remind you all that using the province’s own statistics, the risk of death under 65 in this province is one in 300,000. One in 300,000. You’ve got to get a grip on this.” Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP, CEO and medical director of Western Medical Assessments, spoke at the Edmonton City […] […]

Susan Rice: The worst possible image of Black America

Black Misleaders Back Susan Rice as Top Diplomat Glen Ford Susan Rice with her great “friend,” the late Ethiopian warlord Meles Zenawi Genocide in Congo and militarization of the African continent are Susan Rice’s specialties, but Black Democrats see her as a “role model.” No one in high levels of U.S. government has been more intimately […]

How Many Times Does This Have to Be Proved? Masks Don’t Work!

Danish Mask Study: No Benefit — Swiss Policy Research The Danish randomized controlled trial on the real-world efficacy of face masks against coronavirus infection – the first of its kind – has now been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. As expected, the trial found no statistically significant benefit of wearing a face mask. […]