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Yes, Biden and Harris Are Self-Declared Zionists, But a Glimmer of Hope Remains — MintPress News

As the U.S. and the world wait with anticipation for the Biden administration to take office, people with progressive agendas are feeling optimistic. Teams working on immigration, health care, and the environment, to name just a few, are already at work preparing to move the United States in a new direction. The one progressive issue… Yes, […]

The dishonest little man behind the curtain

Dr. Fauci Told the Truth About COVID-19 Tests in July and Has Been Misleading the Public Ever Since — Global Research One of the most frustrating aspects of COVID-19 coverage has been the emphasis on “cases,” reinforced by Dr. Anthony Fauci. In fact, he was wringing his hands about rising “case” numbers on CNN in early October. These […]