Corona myths

Corona myths

Traditional media continue to spread various corona myths. A selection:

  1. “Only with Corona does intensive care units become overloaded.” Wrong : Most strong seasonal flu waves overload intensive care units, including rejecting patients and postponing operations.
  2. “Only with Corona do people from nursing homes do not receive intensive treatment.” Wrong : up to Corona , the media and carers even criticized when the mostly questionable intensive treatment of very old people still generated profits .
  3. “A lockdown is better for the economy.” Wrong : According to the IMF analysis, the harder the lockdown, the stronger the economic slump ( graphic and study ). According to the UN and WHO, lockdowns will threaten or destroy hundreds of millions of people around the world.
  4. “Even without a lockdown, there would be an economic slump because people are afraid.” Wrong : The fear was primarily generated by the media. In countries like Sweden and Belarus, society functioned largely normally without lockdown and masks .
  5. “Only with Corona there are long-lasting symptoms.” Wrong : Post-acute corona is a real and very serious problem, but it is within the framework of the post-viral syndrome , which is also known from severe or pandemic influenza.

It is important to know that most of the traditional media in precisely those networks are involved , whose exponents Corona for a political and economic “New Normal” and use a “Great Reset” want, though Corona continues to be compared with the mildesten flu pandemics of the 20th century (1957 and 1968).

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