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The True Story of the 1918 “Spanish Flu” — Global Research

For long version of original Kevin Barry article, click this or this. For over a century, various entities that are involved in the propaganda machinery that has been tasked by the powers-that-be to advance American patriotism and corporate profiteering … The post The True Story of the 1918 “Spanish Flu” appeared first on Global Research. The True […]

Lords of Misrule: UK Elites and the Rise of Global Feudalism — Desultory Heroics

By Chris Floyd Source: Empire Burlesque I darkly suspect that the UK is entering a long winter of discontent and widespread upheaval, which will likely end with the replacement of the hapless opportunist Boris Johnson by someone even worse: the hardcore, inhumane, hard-right true believer Michael Gove, with the equally inhumane, sinister crank Dom Cummings […] […]