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Trump cult: Bat Trump, St. Donald and Fuehrer Trump

GOD BLESS TRUMP, PATRON SAINT OF STABLE GENIUSES AND BRAVE AMERICANS  <a href=”http://https://videopress.com/embed/6gOnPXw4 Fuehrer Trump Meow — American Intelligence Media

The Democrats have their wish in a mental wreck named Joe Biden — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

by Jon Rappoport People joke about Joe Biden’s mental state and his ridiculous gaffes, but it isn’t funny when he could become the next president of the United States. Democrats have been saying they would vote for anyone except Trump. Well, they have their anyone… […] Remember the psychiatrists who were taking diagnostic shots at Trump […]

Trump’s Rallies Killed People? It’s Fake Science — AIER

When it comes to Covid-19, it is not easily spread by asymptomatic people. Still, if you don’t want to catch it, you need to take precautions not to get it. Don’t blame Trump, or anyone else except the person who actually transmitted to you, if you do. Even then it might not be the transmitter’s fault in the legal […]

No Mater Who Loses The 2020 Election, The Establishment Still Wins — Rachel Blevins

No matter who loses in 2020, the establishment still wins. This election is projected to cost a record $14 BILLION, and the side that isn’t chosen will spend the next 4 years raising money for their “resistance,” while both ignore the American voters they claim to serve…  It seems like everywhere you turn, there is someone […]