Black lives matter less than Black faces in high Democratic places (like Kamala Harris, AKA Obama 2.0)

The Billionaires’ Duopoly Wins on Tuesday

Glen Ford

The Billionaires’ Duopoly Wins on Tuesday


The Black Lives Matter movement has not altered the anti-Black, pro-police, pro-mass Black incarceration political behavior of the men and women that represent Black America in Congress, because BLM has failed to target Black Democratic politicians, even when they act en mass against Black interests. Black lives are apparently less important than Black faces in high Democratic places, who need only wear kente cloth on occasion to ward off the young Black legions. The spear is blunted.

Allegiance to the Democratic half of the duopoly – whether active or passive – is still allegiance to corporate rule, not a strategy for transformative change. Both Malcolm X and MLK rejected such a stance. 

A great sigh of relief will be heard across the land if Trump is ousted in November (or December or January, whenever the dust settles). The Democrats will treat an electoral victory as an endorsement of their policy of never-ending war and austerity (Race to the Bottom), and proof that Joe the Incarcerator and his Black prosecutor sidekick have been vindicated in their life-long predation against Black and poor people.

Since the first year of Obama’s presidency, the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations has marched on the White House to signal its permanent opposition to the rule of rich white men, no matter the complexion of the family in the White House, and eternal commitment to the principle of self-determination of all peoples, including Black people in the United States. In terms of relationships of power, there will be no change of regime as of result of the vote on November 3, and therefore no reason not to mount a “Black People’s March on the White House ” on November 7.

Power to the People! Dismantle the Duopoly!


  1. I actually don’t care who wins.
    I’ll be very relaxed on Tuesday.
    IMO, the period between the election and the inauguration is going to be a cluster regardless of whom the Supreme Court selects to be President.
    [I expect shenanigans related to mail-in ballot acceptance/rejection]

    1. its hard for me to get used to not voting. there used to be a point in voting for the lesser evil. there is no longer a lesser evil. both evils are now equivalent. so why vote for either?

    2. can you believe this shit?

  2. One of them has a “Black Lives MAGA” shirt, lol.
    After thinking about it a little, I’ve found a way to understand where they’re coming from.

    Trump is racist and xenophobic but he has targeted other groups more so than Black Americans. He has gone after Chinese, Mexicans and Muslims while making efforts to be seen as “good” for the “Black community”. OTOH, the Dems simply take the black vote for granted; Biden claimed that if you don’t vote for him “you aint black”.

    So just the mere fact to Trump is making a show of trying to gain the Black vote, is more than the Dems have done. The Dems are actually trying to win over “never Trump” conservatives with their platform while assuming that Kabama and Trump fatigue will encourage other groups will make the “obvious” choice. But I guess being courted is more fun than being ignored so some Black folks are on the Trump train.

    1. good point.

  3. Sometimes events feel a bit like a show. In truth, we’re bombarded with many things that will never personally affect us. While I’ve always had a wide interest in the world, it’s also important to remain grounded when you have that tendency. That will prevent external, hypothetical burdens from adding to your personal burdens in a way that begins to feel overwhelming.

    Anyway nomad, you can give your vote to a third party if you want to exercise your right but don’t want to vote for the duopoly.

    1. yes. so true. i made that symbolic third party gesture in 2012. in 2016 and now i feel its not worth the effort. my time is better spent on other things besides the vote charade.

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