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A Comprehensive Case Against Lockdowns: How Dr. Ari Joffe Changed His Mind — AIER

Dr. Ari R Joffe, MD, teaches in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Critical Care Medicine, University of Alberta and Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and is a member of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He was also an advocate of lockdowns. Then he saw… A […]

JEWISH NAZIS? — Aangirfan

Arthur Wollschlaeger, was a top Nazi.Arthur Wollschlaeger’s son Bernd Wollschlaeger served in the Israeli military.Bernd holding a Torah scroll.Bernd said kaddish – a Hebrew prayer – at the graveside of an Israeli Jew who had been a Sonderkommando during the Holocaust – a Jew who assisted in the murder of Jews.Hitler Emilie Landecker, c. 1961. Emilie Landecker’s Jewish father was… […]

The psychopath on the left? Or the psychopath on the right?

Pick Your Poison, America! — NoFakeNews.net