Why this Covid masquerade?

What Are the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Connections to Schools of Public Health? — Global Research

By Prof. Bill Willers


Understand this: There is actually no science at all to support mandated masking. Requests to both Wisconsin health experts for citations to scientific studies establishing the effectiveness of public masking were answered with opinion pieces rather than controlled trials that would justify invoking “Science!” Between May and July of 2020, the decades and dozens of studies establishing the ineffectiveness of public masking to curb viral transmission were abruptly rendered invalid. Suddenly, all over the world, the word from governmentally authorized health experts was “mask up” to save lives, because “We have the science.” It was, and remains, a patently false claim. The Director of the CDC in September, 2020 told a U.S. Senate committee “We have clear scientific evidence they [masks] work, and they are our best defense.”, and he knew that was false even as he spoke.

If public health is not a valid reason for masks, one is led to conclude that the power of the mask to isolate individuals, and to divide society into warring camps, was perceived early in the Covid19 Pandemic as so potent that enforcement was made a key component in lockdown strategy. The mask had become a powerful tool for behavior modification and social control on grand scale. And to what end?

Both public masking and mass vaccination are advanced within the context of governmental mandate. Reactions to mandated masking demonstrate to governments how best to overcome resistance when the time comes to require vaccination. Already, judgement that enforcement of such a requirement is both legal and moral is being established in the public mind. Meanwhile, massive infusions of money flow to schools of public health from such as the Gates Foundation, which focuses on vaccination of the entire world’s population (e.g., hereherehere), and from the pharmaceutical industry (hereherehere) as it prepares for a future of trillions of dollars in profits. 

And while the schools of public health collude with industry in vaccine manufacture and testing, and oppose “vaccine skepticism”, they evidence no willingness to confront valid concerns about potential dangers of vaccines in the face of industry’s disturbing freedom from accountability, and the unexplained connections of the government-industry program known as Operation Warp Speed with elements of the military and U.S. Intelligence. Nor do they deal with the issue of non-immunity-related tracking information that may be inserted during vaccination.

Never before have the words “science” and “expert” been bandied about so carelessly and with so little justification.

Never before has one seen such a careful selection of certain, unanimous “health experts” to showcase for the public, while at the same time there has been a scrupulous censoring of dissenters.

Science so politicized, so controlled, and so in the thrall of profiteering interests, is not merely a betrayal of the public alone, but also of science itself.

What Are the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Connections to Schools of Public Health? — Global Research

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