Daily Archives: October 20, 2020

The Psychopathocracy and you

When our own government no longer sees us as human beings with dignity and worth but as things to be manipulated, maneuvered, mined for data, manhandled by police, conned into believing it has our best interests at heart, mistreated, jailed if we dare step out of line, and then punished unjustly without remorse—all the while […]

Why this Covid masquerade?

What Are the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Connections to Schools of Public Health? — Global Research By Prof. Bill Willers […] Understand this: There is actually no science at all to support mandated masking. Requests to both Wisconsin health experts for citations to scientific studies establishing the effectiveness of public masking were answered with opinion pieces rather than […]

Video: Doctors for Truth — Brasscheck TV

Watch the Video Before YouTube Removes It for ‘Violating Its Terms of Service’ …Woops, Too Late Doctors for Truth Censored news in the US Good news for freedom and sanity News about the disease that cannot be named in emails otherwise dirt bag companies like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Comcast etc. will not deliver it. […]

How Do You Police A Free Society? – QFC #071 — The Corbett Report

Today we delve into the Questions For Corbett archives for an answer to Big-_-Brother, who writes in to ask about policing in a free society. How does policing function in a free society, and what would that look like? Join James for a very timely exploration of this increasingly important question. How Do You Police A […]