If the PCR Test is Unreliable, Why Are Health Officials Demanding the Public Be Tested? — We Are Change

In the months since the COVID-19 panic began health authorities around the world have told the public to “get tested” to help track the spread of SARS-CoV-2. However, as fear and hysteria subside, the scientific community and public at large are calling into question the efficacy of the test used to determine a patients status.…

If the PCR Test is Unreliable, Why Are Health Officials Demanding the Public Be Tested? — We Are Change


  1. taotesan · · Reply

    The test is the vaccine .

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    I will read that when / if I can , nomad .

    You asked if they are testing or vaccinating in “Africa”a while back . They have been doing that so routinely that I forgot !!!!! that we were all vaccinated during apartheid/: their bogus Cold War and bogus collapse of communism which was directly after WW 11 .

    All the diseases are bogus – all .
    Why would Nazi Communists be interested in the health of Africans , esp. South Africans during stage one of apartheid communism for the original Africans ?

    The film / miasma / difficulty / very real barrier which I have tried to overcome and could not must have something to do with being vaccinated for MMR , German Measles and all the other stuff . Our parents did not know and understand and no consent was ever sought . No wonder I always feel like there is an invasion in my body .

    Do not take the test ! Everything about this so sinister and evil beyond words .

    I know this sounds strange , but the urge and imperative to know my Creator feels like there is gargantuan obstacle weighing on my whole being . It is very difficult to describe .

    By not knowing our /my Creator , then we can fall and be docile to their tyranny .

    It does not make sense how many of us “collapsed “ and imploded and could not fight or shrug off oppression . For myself , I am no different from anyone in that the totality of lies is so massive, yet I have been hoodwinked by their stage play.

    Setting precedence that vaccination is essential , yet mundane part of helping people against disease – we have been poisoned before and just accepted as a routine part of our lives .

    My sister , who I am estranged from , told me that I always , always , even though we were severely deprived and oppressed , always where ever I could find pen: pencil and paper and on whatever surface that GOD WAS LOVE GOD WAS GOOD GOOD IS THE GREATEST ., even though we were severely neglected and malnourished . After vaccination as I looked back now , not a trace of that intelligent child knowing , atheist. We had more places of worship than in the area we were penned in. We had nothing of our own , nothing .

    Please tell everybody you know knit to take it .

    Coming to grips with this understanding of how I / we were changed , I cannot tell you the pain .
    Please tell everybody you know not to take it .

    This Matrix is way more sinister that the most knowledgeable , insightful investigator who loves humanity could ever know .

    There was so Spanish flu and Aids. How can some one from a distant shore diagnose anyone with a disease without ever having examined them.

    These evil entities are so cheap , they will never give you a single cent to help against starvation , yet they want to invade your body with their pooison under the guise of a test ?

    There was not “protest against apartheid “ : all of that was as stage play . We are in stage 2 . I f you can understand what I am trying to convey , then you can understand the entire context of your communist government under the guise of a duopoly .

    Getting to grips with marxist materialism dialecticism has solved this enigma .

    Problem – Virus
    Solution – Vaccine
    Problem – Knowing God
    Solution – Communism
    Communist are the racists , they are anti life anti humanity . They want everything for themselves under the guise of giving you the solution which the y have set up as the problem in the first place .

    The reason to do away with God is so that we can submit to them !

    Without knowing I myself and millions had submitted to their will through their literature , music . Every thing that is allowed is part of their stage play . What a fool I was .

    Change the word “test” to capture and poison
    They are capturing the world’s people under the guise of a test . They are actively poisoning people to enslave them . The wickedness of it all . When have they ever been honest for a nanosecond ? This is their plan . This is never going to go away until they get what they want . The communist minds that conceived of the Transatlantic slave trade and the commercialization of firewater to Native Americans for land and the lies about AIDS and EBOLA , to evade responsibly for mining deaths , the same people who lied about the astronomical barbarism of the chosen , denies communism .

    Donald Trump who changed his name , is married twice to very wealthy family of communists. An internet search will verify that . All of them are connected .

    Do not believe a single word of these people . Not one . They will do anything to fulfill their plan .

    In case you might be wondering why I have no qualms about writing things that might be deemed dangerous and could be targeted, I am a hair’s breath away of being homeless and am broke . (Not unlike millions in your country , my country and so many around the world .

    I am so sad for all of this and there is not much I can do against it . At least I can bow out with integrity

    Please do not let them touch you .

    The separation from my Creator and from the beautiful land that my ancestors were custodians of , is the greatest crime they have committed against me . Nothing really matters anymore except to learn to know, love and understand my / the Creator / Supreme Being . I do not need or want anything from them (for anything ) . We never did.
    I might never be able to write you again .

    My intention for writing is from my heart. Forget the lack of erudition and the disjointedness . Who is really orientated now except the people who like and want this ugly new evil world?

    They do not deserve one good thing that happens to them for all the horrible things they are doing to the world , least of all their lies . Look what they are doing to our beautiful earth and it’s people .

    Do not take their test .

    Love from a Bushman going back to her roots to live in Hoeriqwaggo. I hope no one finds me .

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