Daily Archives: September 26, 2020

Anti-Lockdown Protest: Save Our Rights Protest, Trafalgar Square London 26 Sept —

A major protest attracting thousands of attendees, organized by Piers Corbyn’s Stop New Normal was held today in London’s Trafalgar Square with prominent speakers including activist David Icke. The climate change skeptic and Covid-19 critic Piers Corbyn described it as the ‘rally of the century’ that went ahead despite his £10,000 fine (that came from […] […]

Ireland: ‘Draconian’ Restrictions Around COVID-19 Condemned by Health Service Executive Doctor

Clinical director critical of media and public ‘obsession’ with daily case numbers By Paul Cullen Covid-19 is “much less severe” than the average annual flu and current “draconian” restrictions are no longer justified, according to a senior Health Service Executive doctor. People at low risk from the virus should be exposed to it so they can develop herd […]

CoVid is a propaganda war — Brasscheck TV

CoVid is a propaganda war The goal is universal mandatory vaccinations Why the good guys are losing In a propaganda war you have to go after the source. If you wrestle with the octopus over every “Lie of the Day” in a fragmentary way you’re guaranteed to lose. And that’s exactly what’s happening. The good… CoVid […]