Older Americans Should Be Anti-Lockdown Activists — AIER

It’s happened to quite a number of us. We write against the lockdowns for all the incredible economic, psychological, and institutional carnage they have caused, and how they have shattered our expectations of our rights and freedoms, and our presumptions about what government has the power to do to us. We can make a convincing…

Older Americans Should Be Anti-Lockdown Activists — AIER


  1. To agree with a lockdown means to agree with being a prisoner – and… EVERYONE SHOULD BE AGAINST THAT

    1. and yet most of us agree with the lock down. dutifully wearing our masks and staying 6 feet away from each other. how crazy is that? dont want to open schools or businesses. its a world literally gone mad.

      1. FEAR is a must powerful enemy.
        … and when the gumment says something enough times – people tend to start believing it.

      2. youre right. everybody should be against the lock down, but theyre afraid.

      3. Obviously: I meant to say “most” NOT “must”. 😉

      4. yep. thats what i thought

      5. and even if you dont believe it the guards and the other inmates coerce your compliance.

      6. Yes – through Hook or by Crook, they will.

  2. No one really wants to wear a mask. No one really wants to be locked down. Parents actually want their children in school if only for the reason that they are driving them crazy from being at home all the time.

    Yesterday, I walked with my cousin to his neurology appointment because it was just a mile away and I usually walk far longer for exercise. I went with him into the office and there were people sitting there with their masks half off their face. I did not have a mask on. Someone came from the back to take my temperature and told me that my temperature was 97 and that it was okay for me to remain, but that I had to wear a mask. Meanwhile before this person came from the back offices, we were having a discussion and it was revealed that, again, no one wants to wear a mask. One lady stated that she has been getting sick from wearing a mask.

    So, after the staff checked my temperature and told me to put on a mask, I declined and went outside and waited for my cousin’s appointment to end. We are all conforming to what is becoming a dictatorship. And if we do not fight back against it, it will soon be too late, if it is not already. But the general consensus where I am is that people are fed up with this forced mess.

  3. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:

    Another valid alternative viewpoint.
    Just to show that such qualified opinions exist and deserve to be known.

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