Donald Trump’s Long History Of Racism Laid Bare In New Ad


  1. taotesan · · Reply

    Donald Drumpf , like his predecessor, Baruch Obama both are jews and communists, the latter burrowing under the black man decoy under Uncle Tom traitor to “his people “ , but actually their man from the Kremlin , and the former camouflaging himself as a “right wing “ “white racist “ .
    It is way more than that : both are jewish communist haters , specifically and specially selected in this historical time to usher the last phase of communism in America . Bernard Sanders a socialist jew, will finalize communism of which there will be no escape. Your presidents since before Reagan have been compromised by Russian / israeli communist infiltration and subversion. The jewish masonic , communist takeover uses the ruse of “white racism “ as the agents of oppression . Hence , they like the Clintons, Bushes and ALL the jewish presidents impersonate white Christian gentiles . But the usurpers are jews and this whole scamdemic is their idea for total world domination . Nelson Mandela, Adolph Heitler, Bill Gates , all jews.Not psychopaths , just your garden variety jew. The cattle whom are unsuspecting dupes buy into the skin colour superiority nonsense , but they are not the architects of global tyranny. The hole that Americans find themselves in , pin their hopes on the duplicitous utterances of men who hate them completely . jews hate humanity .If my words are the ranting of a mad woman and is considered hate speech by the USURPERS of GOD , then ok , I concede it is “white racism “ which is not hate speech after all . A little note : during the Red Terror , any person who found themselves the wrong end of the jewish Bolshevik communist state was put in hellhole psychiatrist “hospitals” as “anti- semitism “ was viewed as an incorrigible mental condition to be treated by the most sadistic torture .Another note : the president ofSouth Africa, is a black jew and the leader of communist state. Nelson Mandela was a black jew . Jews do nothing good for others , but merely promote themselves as saviours . On the ground , what has any president of the USA done for the normal American citizen in the last 50 years ? And ask yourselves/ yourself – what have they done for jews – in Russia , in israel, in South Africa, in China , in the U.K., and every single country in the world ? What and who is this latest “pandemic” for ? Not stupid white foot soldiers , that’s for sure .

    If a person believes the words of jewish con- man , then that person is unwitting agent of communism , whether they have racist tendencies or not . White racism is not what this global shutdown is . There are hardly any white Christians in the South African government and as there no true God loving Black politicians in the America ( all are compromised communists working with “white “ jews”

    Don’t believe me about Black jews : check out the Wikipedia page how many we’ll /known Black jews have been promoted . Check out Donald ‘s “Trumps” ancestry , Bill and Melinda Gates , Bill and Hilary Clinton , and the Bushes , how they routinely lie and pad their names , background . Why lie about one’s name and background ?

    Donald Trump is a jew and he hates us . Communism seeks to enslaves just as capitalism was founded on chattel slavery . This whole thing has been a jewish project of hate from beginning to the end . The tiresome racism charade that Marxist Leninist jews posed as Afrikaner nationalists and black jews as freedom fighters – use to suit their own nefarious purposes of total domination , played out during apartheid communism by blaming the credulous Afrikaner egotist who in turn hated their oppressed Black brethren as if the Marxist project was their own . That all this “racist ” concoction is dragged out by the jew using whites against blacks on Bushman land is being played out by the now South Africa Black communist government . The same in the USA, on Native American land , with a president posing as a white racist. Of course , in settler colonies , the whites who sell their soul to the jew for material reward are amply rewarded as are the Uncle Tom blacks . They are different from the jew . And skin colour is where any similarity ends . A white racist has more in common with a black person whom he might assume he is superior to . The white jew , like Trump , is scripted to play the part of the white bigot, a strategy to misdirect one from even realizing one is under jewish dictatorship.

    No matter how much they ( black and white gentiles ) have sold their souls to the devil, so to speak , they will not be spared when the culling begins . E.g. – The Trumps , the Obamas , the Noahs , the Sanders , the Bushes , the Windsors , the “Gates”, the Winfreys, the Faucis , the Ramaphosas , the Mandelas, and all the very, very powerful families et al will be spared .They are the mis/rulers – the real racists of the world. They and their ilk will survive this . This project is for their benefit .

    So what if I am a madwoman ? Dismiss my words as the ranting of a lunatic , or research it for yourself , and get over the initial shock and disbelief that you have been lied to on such a grand scale your entire life. The relief after the anger , that you are the deceived and not the deceiver will be so liberating that you do not ever have to believe a single word from any politician ever again . Every single utterance , you will instantly understand is pure deception . Unfortunately, we are so far down the scale to extricate from ourselves from their Matrix , we might as well go out with a bang of the TRUTH . The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth .

    The next president – be scared , be very scared. Obomba and Drumpf, the communist usherettes , will be looking like kindergarten teachers , if history repeats itself . The wolf in sheep’s clothing , like the Fabian Orwell and Windsors . They lie about everything . They are the lie . The anti- lifers put the blame of very worst crimes against humanity against their VICTIMS , albeit (some) willing dupes of racist hatred against their other VICTIMS . This whole project is their scam . Such an egregious charge should not be accepted without painstaking scrutiny, so as to clear one’s blotted name in history . And a more empathetic understanding of the black and other people , who are especially despised by the impostors with a white complexion . Failure to do so , allows the real racist criminals under the skin colour disguise , to continue unfettered their plans of human enslavement , whites and all .

    The disgusting hatred jews have for all people have hardly been allowed to be challenged, but we must all be good goyem and accept the official narrative of white racism . As a BUSHMAN , I see the jewish hatred for all “colours” in my own country . And the jews are not all “white “ looking but black communists. Not for nothing , but they are the richest people then and now .

    Who are the owners of everything ? Whites ? As long as one is caught up in the charade of white racism , you will not be able to understand that you are misruled and enslaved by jewish tyrants. Being a slave and not knowing one is a slave , worshipping your enslavers . Their word/ s are devoid of truth. Why should you put your trust in any one of them if they hate you ? Seriously , do liberals even care about the hurt feelings of the stupid goyem ? The liberal press owned by jews ? Yeah , right!

    It has been decades ago, if ever , that white Christian god – fearing gentiles have had any sort of real political power . Research properly the lineages of all your presidents and not just the Wikipedia pages.

    Let Donald Drumpf ,the Bushes , the Clinton’s and all the other jews in power show the American people their birth certificates.

    Did you know ,” Bill Gates” was denied entry into a game reserve here in South Africa , because the Christianized name he has chosen to hide behind , did not correlate with the name on his birth certificate ?

    Don’t you see them shaking hands with each other ? Think America is enemies with North Korea ? Think again . Scrutinize Drumpf and the present dictator of North Korea . Dennis Rodham is related to Hilary Clinton . They are all on the same side . The only side the jews are on are on their own side . Look where you and your family are now . What have you done that is so bad to deserve that all your rights be stripped away from you and your family? Do other white people truly behave in such despicable ways against their own , as to destroy the entire fabric of white civilization? Or are there powerful forces at play that you have failed to recognize?

    Why do they LIE! all the the time , even about their own names and background ? Why ?

    Compare what the specially selected white jew , Drumpf has done for israel against that he has done for his ”white racist” American “voters “

    jewish tyranny is what should be condemned and overthrown , not bogus white racism. From this latest scam , look how many white people in settler colonies, have been victimized ?

    So , who really cares if he is racist or not ? Why is it even important ? Why are the offended on behalf of the victims so shrill , with not a jot of empthy in their banshee screeching ?

    All that one should care about , is that most Americans of all stripes have been forced to surrender their rights and freedom under the manufactured pretext of make believe that has irrevocably destroyed their civilization under Donald Drumpf ‘s presidency . This is the culmination of their long range planned handiwork of masonic, communism of which Trump/ Drumpf is an integral part of . He is part of the tribe that has fomented the Curse of Ham , under which Black people are doomed to their special brand of odium in a life of certain servitude. He knows Baruch Obama is jewish, therefore the play- acting for the public ‘s benefit . In jews eyes like Drumpf and Obomba , blacks are placed as immutably sub-human in their hierarchy. When we understand that Baruch is their man from the Kremlin , then the pieces of the puzzle fall into place . Baruch Obomba and Donald Drumpf have been on the same team since the beginning . Their is no”racism “ between them but a deep understanding and a joint commitment to install jewish tyranny over the American people .

    1. thanks for this exposition. it will take me a while to research and process this. any links you can provide would be helpful. esp on the man of the hour, bill gates.

    2. how do you come by this info? so far i find nothing on trump or obama being jews or communists.

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    From different sources and connecting all the dots . From the many clues hidden in the Perestroika Deception and New Lies for Old by Anatoly Golitsyn . When one starts the painstaking process of investigating for oneself the lies thrown up and fudged when researching the genealogy of all these people , entertainers , politicians, “scientists”, “humanitarians”- I mean bomb manufacturers and weapons manufacturers , then a picture emerges of who has been running the show . ( from the very start ) Try and outfits like mileswmathis for a start . The mere ATTITUDE of these people suggests that I am right .

    Obama not a communist? Scutinize his words and actions .

    The Soviets, Americans had helped each other with the Britain and Germany to bring about the state of israel through the fomenting of the Second World War .

    Too many sources which I forget because there are only snippets of information one can piece together , because almost the truth and facts are being scrubbed of the internet .

    What is so hard to believe that Trump/Drumpf is a jew . All his family are jews . Why is he an exception ? The politicians tell you you live in a democracy. Do you ? Do you really ? No . You live under jewish tyranny .

    *Anatoly Golitsyn was not a defector as the Americans and Russians promoted him to be . But merely a Soviet communist spy that was allowed citizenship in America. Like all the Soviet “dissidents”

    Understand communist deception first ( hard to believe we/you have been had ), your incredulity will be replaced by a new understanding of the NEW WORLD ORDER .

    Unless you are jewish yourself , and would not like the deceivers to be revealed , or like me a Black person seeking justice and truth , only to find the extent of the oppression is way greater than has been told . The whole operation of their media is to control – through misdirection , disinformation , subversion and infiltration .

    When you fully get to grips the extent of cultural marxism, Leninism, jewish internationalism and why , then it won’t be a surprise. McCarthy was excoriated . But he was right . One of the sanest politicians and look what a fool he was made out to be . Look how Ronald Reagan went in as anti- communist and at the end of his presidency , was deceived by the Glasnot and Perestroika of The Soviets.

    The insistence of white racism with out full investigation of such an assertion will blind you to the truth , if truth is what you are interested in.

    jews change their names . Why ? No one else does . If one can lie about one’s name , they we can lie about anything .

    I have lived and survived one of the vilest phases of communism during apartheid and everything about this latest hoax which affects white people too , originates from the evil minds of jews . It is jewish racism and tyranny . Not white racism- that is a conjured deception of the jews who look like whites , make up some story about their background to suit the narrative in which to take total control .

    Truth is way stranger than fiction .

    (There are no jews in South Africa sleeping in the streets , but there are quite a few white people that are dirt poor. )

    Deductions from the readings of the “defectors” of the Soviet Union during the Cold War will inform you that the country you live in is a de facto communist state.
    An urgent reading of the international cooperation of your country’s ongoing help through bankers , politicians , media , presidencies have aided Russia.
    Why , even the jews from the turn of the 19th century was pleading through their media to the NY Times that 6 000 000 were being persecuted and will surely perish if help did not come their way , four decades before the start of WW11. .

    What was the media coverage and the historical record in the jewish owned press in America of the Holomodor and the Red Terror ? Putin is jewish and now they are restoring statues of Dzerzhinzhy , the father of Terror .

    Baruch Obomba ‘s parents , if we believe at face value their script, took Russian classes together. Notice his campaign posters . Understand absolutely what the communist terrorist meant by “change “ . A decent reader will be chilled at the true understanding of his words.

    Even if you dismiss what ever I have said as madness and do not follow up with your own reading , just what kind of country do you live in ? A free democracy? Really ? When do you think , if ever , you could get on an aeroplane and fly to any part of the world if you had the money after your government says ok , folks you can take your masks
    off now? Your dystopian future is a fait accompli like mine if you are black .

    Why , in your country , as in mine , it is not hate speech , but accepted “fact” that white racism is the problem against Black people . But when you question that and from my own personal experience have met very normal and decent whites , who try to put the record straight , but when you merely even open your mouth to QUESTION ! jewish interference , you are shut down with such ferocity , in all manner that never , never again one should even suggest it . Why in America and in South. Africa and Russia , one is not even allowed to talk or even suggest jewish ill doing ? Why is it ok to ram down the throats of innocent victims of jewish hatred incarnated through communism , apartheid and slavery , that their tormentors are some -else , like white Gentiles , who are in a similar political and economic boat , save the colour of our skins .
    If some – one does me wrong , I want to find out who the culprit is , not blame the wrong person . The misdirection and misinformation that white people have persecuted jews is another huge falsehood. We can see that play out today , with millions of white Germans peacefully marching against tyranny .

    And if we believe white racism , who are the Black Democrats working for? Who pays the Black “sellouts” – the white racist or the jewish communist ? Who misdirects the motive of white agency against jewish domination by calling them right wing nut jobs? Not all Black people are ill formed who their oppressors are . The jewish infiltrators are helped by black jewish communist – e. g Malcolm X , Martin Luther King, Junior , Nelson Mandela and “Archbishop “Tutu .

    Read how your man from the Kremlin begged israel to allow him through his presidency to help them and then compare his campaign against Africans and African Americans .

    Even his “autobiography “is ghost written and riddled with inconsistencies .

    I had not addressed the way Africans and African Americans are routinely treated with the unchanged disrespect which the jewish goldmen insist upon us . We are “racist “ because we refuse to be their slaves . Communism is their means of enslavement . God wants us to be free . But the devils through deception want us to be their slaves .
    The emperor has no clothes . My whole life , I have been gas – lit by Marxist Leninists through jewish controlled education , jewish Marxist communist infiltration of the (Catholic) church , the jewish owned media and jewish led politics for their own .
    agenda . As an erstwhile atheist , searching for the truth , I had been agnostic about communism, not even realizing that apartheid was communism itself and one of the stages for full communism where we now find ourselves in, ushered in by the pretext of of a viral pandemic . The liars in charge here because of their collaboration with jews nationally and internationally, under the guise of fighting against “apartheid racism “ are not black democratic saviours , but communist friends with America , China , Russia , Brazil . Both Baruch Obomba and Trump have a special place amongst the politicians here , whether communist or liberal .

    If promoted celebrities like Orpah Winfrey , Trevor Noah , Whoopie Goldberg , Zoe and Lenny Kravitz Bob Marley , Sammy Davis , Jnr , Samuel L. Jackson ( aptly cast as the awful “house nigger “ in Tarantino’s awful film – Django Chained ), Alice Walker and her daughter, Rebecca are some well known black jews . Notice their first or last names- all jewish or biblical names You know the crypto jews who burrow under skin colour screeching how hard done they are , but have millions / billions in their bank accounts and worldwide fame . What about crypto – Black jews like Farrakhan, King and Little all “fighting “on behalf of the dark – skinned losers their jewish brethren rule over through deception ? All self – confessed socialists and communists. Come to think of it , all of them so clearly lighter complexioned. Read about how jewish communists prostitute their women for political manouvreing . Yes .

    A little more research into the Stanleys, Obomba’‘s mother, not the Wikipedia hagiography/ biography should explain his jewish ancestry.

    A quick comparison of Trump and the bumbling debacle of his handling the Bible as if for the very first time(which it was ) when America was under siege under the misdirected Black Lives Matter protests with masks on , and his ease with his dealings with his jewish brethren at the wailing wall should raise one’s eyebrows . Just because the paid and bought for media tells us that the misrulers are white, does not make it so . Both of Trumps/ Drumpfs wives are jewish and so are his children and grandchildren and his in-laws and all his advisors and most / all politicians . Fauci , Gates – jews .

    A quick research should educate one that Tony Blair is a descendent of Eric Blair , aka as George Orwell, a Fabian . Why would any- one change one name ? How can truth be entrusted to liars?

    Under Obomba’s reign , the menorah was in front of the White House . Why ? Also the Robinsons are jewish and from a very wealthy family .

    Are you free? Are Americans not finding themselves under a communist dictatorship, with the charade of a duopoly that pledges allegiance to israel with the help of Russian and israeli terror ? Putin is jewish and now they are re installing statues of Dzerzhinsky , whose birthday is commemorated on 9/11. Yes!

    Fema camps / gulags . KGB, Cheka / CIA , American media censorship/ Soviet and Sino censorship, manufactured poverty and hunger in America / collectivization and state induced famine both in China and Russia , detention without trails in covid 19 America/ detention without trails in the Soviet Union and South Africa , and and and .

    I am almost near the end of my life and own almost nothing now , thanks to this latest global scam . What does it benefit me to write this ? For one , I am tired of being deceived . I do not like being lied to . If Americans really knew who did 9/11 and who Obomba and Trump are, perhaps they would have revolted , but after the BLM misdirection , the rest of the world remains in a similar boat as America. . But you (America ) is pinning : your hopes on another jew , Bernard Sanders .

    Socialism is not some handholding sharing and caring society , but a precursor to communism .These are not my words , but that of the one of highest ranking Soviet communists allowed to emigrate to America through “defection “ .

    The PEOPLE ! not the politicians, from Albania, North Vietnam , South Africa , Cuba , North Korea , China , Laos , Afghanistan , Russia , Kazakhstan , Czechoslovakia , etc , have you heard or read their testimonies ? Not that of Solzhenitsyn , or Mandela – their hearts belong to the Kremlin .

    Who is the next president elect of America , “white”jewish socialist Sanders ? Why has the avuncular , almost innocent image of this socialist been promoted ? What is Mossad’s and the communist party’s credo , again ? Ah ! By deception , we shall rule .

    Are you Black or jewish , nomad ?

    If the former , then what do you have to lose ? You have everything to gain by being free from all the lies and subterfuge. The truth shall set you free . .

    And if the latter , I will bow out from a site that is in service to the tyrants .

    (“ How did I come by this ?” This is usually asked by people who are surprised that one comes to one’s own conclusion in spite of the massive propaganda machine meant to keep one from finding out the truth ) .

    Anyway , it is a fait accompli . Nothing I can say or do about the situation I am in, or most Americans as a matter of fact , can change a thing . This is our final hour and it is too late . Thankfuly not that late , to learn who the USURPERS are who want to take GOD’s place . And time enough to make right with GOD .

    I am communicating this from a place of love and urgency . Hopefully , I will be long gone when communism ‘s final stage will be implemented under Bernard Sanders in America and under Helen Zille or Trevor Manuel in South Africa .

    It has been a long time since I have read ANATOLY GOLITSYN’S books , but even a cursory reading on your part will corroborate what is happening in America today that has been foretold and preplanned decades ago .

    1. sorry. its going to take me a while to get to this. but basically what i am saying is that in order for me to process your assertions i need some sense of the sources of your info. i dont expect you to be able to present them all but i do need some suggestions of where i can find the information, esp since it is not in the resources currently available to me.

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