by Swiss Policy Research

In June, 1,413 people tested positive for the new corona virus at the main plant of the German meat processor Tönnies (including the environment, 1,766 people). As far as is known, there were no deaths (IFR 0.0%), but five employees had to be given intensive care.

new study was able to use viral gene sequences to reconstruct that the original spread was not in the accommodation, but in the workplace: a single employee infected other employees within a radius of about eight meters. This aerosol-like transmission was favored by the ventilation-induced circulation of the cool air.

Does not mention the media reports and the study only in the appendix on page 22 is called : In Tonnies of the outbreak was at the time a mask mandatory workplace. “Simple single-layer masks” were used. Apparently, these could not prevent the virus from spreading or the infection of the other employees.

After the Tönnies incident, entire housing developments were quarantined with the help of the police and the military. However , there was no concept for the early treatment of sick people.

Tönnies: Corona-Ausbruch trotz Maskenpflicht