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A Khazarian terrorist who deserved to be hanged before he died (Part VI) –Veterans Today

If there was one person who deserved to be hanged before he died, then that person should have been Sidney Gottlieb. By Jonas E. Alexis   In the 1960s, it was widely reported that “heroin began flowing into the United States from Southeast Asia in body bags returning from the war, courtesy of the CIA.”[1] During […]

Why has the world medical, social, and economic order been torn apart for a pandemic that looks much like a normal influenza pandemic?

Month Four of the Panic: Where Is the Evidence? — AIER Roger W. Koops “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Dr. Carl Sagan Dr. Carl Sagan was one of the premier scientists when it came to trying to bridge the gap of hard science with general public understanding. In the process, his personal enthusiasm for the wonder […]