Daily Archives: July 10, 2020

Forced Vaccination Plan Unveiled — Global Research

  Stanford University Legal & Medical Authorities Join Forces To Fashion An Indiscriminate Mandated Mass-Vaccination Plan That Would Frighten The Public, Disregard Lawful Protections Of Informed Consent And Result In Needless Deaths. *** Our health overlords propose a dangerous infectious disease control plan that mandates indiscriminate immunization for all Americans, a plan that is far […]

Covid-19: July Update — Swiss Policy Research

SPR has published its Covid-19 July update covering the development of the pandemic, the latest immunological studies, progress in early treatment options, the mask debate, “contact tracing”, and the virus origin question. An updated summary is available in English, German, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Esperanto. If someone can provide a much requested Chinese […] […]

Children in Sadistic Covid Captivity — Waking Times

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times Of all the depressing sights witnessed during the insane process of Covid home imprisonment, stupid social distancing and mask madness, the regimentation of children into predesignated playground /classroom ‘chalked-off zones’ is the one I find the most blood chilling. There are a number of factors about this Covid-19 event that […]

Successful CoVid treatment being suppressed — Brasscheck TV

  Successful CoVid treatment being suppressed $200 outpatient – and done. Proven in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Iceland Essential viewing. Share widely. We’ve talked about this subject before: the suppression of simple, safe, inexpensive, treatments in favor of complex, expensive and dangerous ones. Now the problem applies to everyone. The economy is shut down with enormous… […]