Daily Archives: June 30, 2020

The Deep State’s “Dr. Death” and the Death Vaccine… — BolenReport

The Deep State’s “Dr. Death” and the Death Vaccine… Whilst I had been aware of Tony Fauci’s decades-long involvement in predicting deadly diseases that “magically” happened just when he said they would… …I had not, until yesterday, seen him “performing” live on video. From Europe – Opinion By Karma Singh I had been aware, of course, of his deep involvement […]

How did the World go Crazy? Who Decided the Lockdown? Who Justified It? Who Thought It Up? — Global Research

Part I. The Virus King is naked This is now recognized by all those who have the courage to face facts. I will not enumerate in this article the immense body of evidence that exists. All of you have probably done, are doing, or will do your own research. I will only quote a report […]

The Real Pandemic Was a Nursing Home Problem — AIER

Over the last week, many governors have reinstituted coronavirus policy implementations which had been in various phases of cessation. Why? This is because of an alleged “spike” in new COVID-19 infections. Other states have abbreviated their phased lifting of lockdowns. This is despite the fact that current US deaths from COVID-19 are now 90% off their peak. […]