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Yes, Defund the Cops – And Put Them Under Community Control

Yes, Defund the Cops – And Put Them Under Community Control Glen Ford, BAR Executive Editor Community control of the police means empowering the people to shape and oversee the mechanisms of their own security and end forever the armed occupation of our communities by hostile forces. Never in the modern history of the United […]

‘We Are Going to Slaughter Them N—‘: Cops Recorded Plotting ‘Civil War’ to ‘Wipe Blacks Off the Map’ — The Free Thought Project

Cops were recorded plotting a race war in which black would be “wiped off the map” in an effort to “put them back about four or five generations.” […] Wilmington, NC — In a time when tensions between police officers and the citizens they serve are at an all time high, peace and solutions should be at the […]