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I Reckon We Can Win This Thing — Caitlin Johnstone

Everything keeps accelerating. That seems to be the trend here currently. Things don’t appear to necessarily be getting better or worse at this point in time, they’re just accelerating. It’s all moving faster and faster. Major news events are getting closer and closer together, people are becoming more and more aware of more and more […] […]

Don’t reform the unreformable

The Killing Of Rayshard Brooks Shows How Police “Reform” Is A Joke — Caitlin Johnstone A black man named Rayshard Brooks was recently killed by an Atlanta police officer who shot him in the back while he was attempting to run away. Video footage from the police bodycam and a nearby witness makes it clear that […]

Wealth and Health: Why Black, Brown, and Poor People Are Dying of COVID19 — The Most Revolutionary Act

    In Sickness and in Wealth Directed by Llewellyn M Smith (2008) Film Review It’s no mystery and doesn’t need yet more study. Epidemiologists have known since the late seventies that health and life expectancy directly correlate with income level, irrespective of genetics, lifestyle (smoking, exercise, diet, etc), or access to medical care. […] […]

Hell yes, abolish the police: This is what black people live with

An innocent man working out in his neighborhood was attacked by cops, assaulted and arrested for dancing during his daily workout. https://youtu.be/JRPELau_rc0 via WATCH: Half-Dozen Cops Attack, Arrest Innocent Man, Accusing Him of ‘Dancing in the Street’ — The Free Thought Project

Je soupçonne: How many more of these paid black social media influence peddlers are there?

More evidence is emerging of the British government developing motivational online media platforms targeted at young women as part of a covert counter-terrorism campaign. Security officials have acknowledged that a Facebook page and Instagram account entitled Stoosh were created as part of the UK’s controversial Prevent counter-radicalisation programme. The admission comes nine months after the […]