Daily Archives: June 14, 2020

I never heard of Barack Obama Day. But it’s appropriate that it falls on the birthday of the creature that he spawned.

To celebrate Obama Day, here are Barack’s greatest hits (wars, coups, slavery, sanctions, al-Qaeda, colonialism) 14 June 2020 In parts of the United States and the bottomless pit of the internet, today, June 14, is considered “Barack Obama Day.” On social media, the hashtag #ObamaDayJune14th is going viral. So I thought I would commemorate this day by […]

Neo-Blacks: In GOP we trust

American Intelligence Media Citizens Addicted to Trump [American Intelligence Media: Insulting Neo-Blacks while simultaneously co-opting them] . The Systemic Racism Myth . The Hodge Twins remind us just how stupid Elizabeth Warren is. Just wait to see what information warriors will do to Fauxcahontas if she runs as Joe’s sidekick. . .   Cat Report