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Who Is the Source of Violence in the US? — Global Research

The 1% is the source of violence in the U.S.  Antifa is nothing but a flag which is carried mostly by “secret informants” rather than by a few politically confused Antifa disciples! The Trump Administration is using this name to suppress the legitimate voices of all in opposition. For a peaceful society and economic equality, working people and youth […]

We must end the drug war now

Until #Black Lives Matter Addresses the Elephant in the Living Room, Not Much Will Change — The Free Thought Project Matt Agorist […] While the Black Lives Matter movement proposes very radical shifts in law enforcement that would show some improvement, they are silent on one of the most effective solutions. […] If you honestly believe […]

Corporate media headlines revised as though they were real journalism

There, I Fixed It for You… — Common Dreams – Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community by Dorothee Benz   Demonstrators attend a “Sit Out the Curfew” protest on June 3 in Oakland against the police killing of George Floyd. (Photo: Philip Pacheco/AFP via Getty Images) Wall Street Journal (5/27/20) Denver Times-Call (5/28/20) Reuters (5/29/20) Washington […]