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The Democratic Party Always Runs Away —

The Democratic Party Always Runs Away By William D. Mitchell Below are the brief stories of three recent times in history when the Democratic Party stood on the verge of upholding a progressive and positive vision for the country, and instead, deliberately chose the more fearful and reactionary path. These instances are admittedly painted… via The […]

George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him — The Free Thought Project

A former club owner in south Minneapolis revealed that George Floyd worked at her club as a security guard, alongside recently fired police officer Derek Chauvin. via George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him — The Free Thought Project

The Strategy of Tension Reemerges with the Murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police — Waking Times

Phillip Schneider, Staff WriterWaking Times The U.S. is reeling from a shocking incident of police brutality and outright murder earlier this week. Minneapolis, MN Police officers detained an unarmed man, and were filmed kneeling with a knee on his throat after already placing him in handcuffs, choking him to death. His name was George Floyd,… via […]

The Blue Plague and Black Death

The Blue Plague and Black Death Glen Ford George Floyd’s death by Blue Plague in Minneapolis was widely condemned by the same parties that have encouraged and funded the spread of the fatal contagion. “The Blue Plague is a serial killer that dates back to the slave patrols of the pre-Civil War South.” The pathogen […]

A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making — Waking Times

Children’s Health Defense Team, Guest Waking Times From the moment of “COVID-19’s” naming—and particularly since the imposition of unprecedented restrictions on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”—some people have smelled a rat. And with each passing week, the smell becomes worse. A growing chorus of ordinary citizens and world-renowned medical and scientific experts is raising […]

Video: Dr. Ron Paul’s Urgent Coronavirus Message for Every American — Global Research

Most Americans will be blindsided by what’s about to happen… But not those who learn the critical steps necessary to protect yourself and your family from what’s coming next. Click the image or click here to watch the video.… The post Video: Dr. Ron Paul’s Urgent Coronavirus Message for Every American appeared first on Global… via […]

As Chief Prosecutor, Klobuchar Declined to Bring Charges Against Cop that Killed George Floyd — MintPress News

The latest example of America’s racist police brutality problem was caught on camera in Minneapolis Monday, as Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on 46-year-old African-American George Floyd’s neck for over seven minutes until he passed out and died. In its headline on its website, Minneapolis police described the event as “man dies after medical incident during police… […]

Accidentally on purpose

Will the Politicians Admit Their Lockdown Mistake? “Was this a mistake? Yes. It’s time to admit it. There ought to be acts of contrition from the political class and the modelers who advised them, in which they loudly and earnestly declare that they are heartily sorry for their sins, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.” ~ […]

COVID Response = Total Control And Murder by Proxy

“What is wrong with you?” “He is a human.”

Police in the US fire tear gas on protest against brutal Memorial Day murder — World Socialist Web Site (en) Video shared on social media shows that George Floyd was killed by a police officer who kneeled on his neck while he was subdued on the ground. […] The demonstration began with some protesters blocking the […]