Depraved indifference


  1. taotesan · · Reply

    Nomad I was too afraid to answer you . Most of all my information I received from you .
    Thank you for help opening my eyes .
    There are some of us outside of America who are with you and your fellow Americans .
    So sad my heart is breaking .

    The nightmare is really here , totally.played out in different ways around the world .
    The depraved indifference as being captured on film, is but a part of the depraved indifference of the oligarchs whom t the police are made to protect. All the piece of planning , I have been connecting the dots.
    I am sure you know already , since you have not published anything from the daily show , that something is off .
    If Obama is a clone , then so is another plant , Trevor Noah .

    I was just banned from commenting on the Daily Show. It was about the Minneapolis riots and Amy Cooper . A Coloured woman from apartheid , banned! I have no other way to to out this plant. His origins are as suspect Obama.
    And his motive is very sinister , although I cannot know the full extent of it . He is using America’s pain to further the agenda of the planners of this plandemic scamdemic .
    So sorry for all the hurt and pain Americans are experiencing . We are also in a similar situation . And yet Trevor is using this world conflagration to make it seem like it is a race war while he himself is friends with one of the planners – Bill Gates and all those other people. In high places. And Americans are being seduced by this infiltrator when their world is burning ! Only a psychopath / clone / crypto jew could divert them from the true enemy , the oligarchs who are stealing and murdering our world , their unspeakable crimes against children never exposed. The race card is a red herring . These are such frightening times , so scary .full of pain and confusion .

    He is the enemy . Americans beware. The absolute outrageousness of a foreign double agent telling Americans to stay home . Who the fuck is he ?He is friends with people who deliberately hurt children.Never mind the unimaginable continuous indifference that Native Americans , African Americans White people with out with out privilege and prejudice are directly part of the NWO. In America,most of the police are white ,not unlike the apartheid police and military that we experienced in communistic apartheid . Now that the anti apartheid communists are in power under a black government, with mostly black police and military – red terror soviet and mossad trained. Our Georges here are unreported. Whites are only getting a glimpse of what Black people endured under communism , which they called apartheid , blaming it on the white government .
    But all of this is going to continue into a horrible nightmare for most , with the indigenous and poor black people affected . The already poor whites , the few rights they have will also be eroded. The Black Elite will survive And the English liberal ,So will all the propagandized communists through apartheid . But the Masters of all of this , this is their feast , their harvest. The puppet masters BEHIND apartheid and the NWO through communist totalitarianism ,have themselves a prized propagandist in Trevor Noah. He is feasting with masters at the banquet on the destruction of humanity.

    People are past breaking point.. Who the fuck is this upstart to tell Americans what to do, like stay at home and suggest any medication .The world is fucked up when people are getting their news and prescription from a comedian who has no journalistic or medical background .
    What qualifications does he and his jewish pal , Bill Gates have ? Why has he not called out his friends in high places and inform on them like we are exhorted to since he is so transparent and concerned about police brutality why not call the white police on his friends who are Adrenochrome junkies, the real criminals The whole National Guard being brought in for his Black Eye Club. The police serve and protect Trevor Noah . And if any harm would come to him by a gentile police force , heads will roll . The fullest extent of the law would be applied to that police officer , with immediate effect. That is fact.

    I am only waking up now to the spies and infiltrators in the so-called anti apartheid movement ,who were all communists! They use Black oppression as a front to further their agenda blaming white people to carry out their agenda. Every shred of his shtick of his origins is a total lie like Obama .

    Recently , I have learnt through deduction from reading one of your published articles on AIDS, how two of my class mates parents might have been a communist spies ,CIA agents / infiltrators . We were never allowed to visit them at home . Ever . Jo Anne Poley who wrote an AIDS essay at 13 /14 years went on to study epidemiology , genetics and pharmacy . We were in Grade 8 then , I think . Most of the children were traumatized and rattled . How could she have know then ? We had a news black out and the apartheid / communist military and the police with their tanks and tear gas .We were about 14 years old at the time . Ferial Haffejee , could be another crypto Jew. . She was in my English class in grade 11 . She never spoke to any one .As if she was dropped off by her handlers .

    The trajectory of Trevor Noah and Trevor Manuel’s rise in entertainment (there’s your clue ) and politics have been meteoritic to the very top . They have lied about their origins . All have controlled the narrative citing white racism as the root cause of Black suffering , obscuring their role as the original architects of systematic oppression through whatever means since before the slave trade on both sides . They are some of the biggest beneficiaries of apartheid . Look at their surnames . In plain sight .

    Communism and all the other grotesqueries of the non humans is here, totally . This is all about absolute control of the world s resources and the slaves be dammed .
    The racist front obscures the fact that almost every single country on earth is now tied to the world bank . The anti- humanity beasts that this chocolate double agent protects have just corralled and shutdown the world into their matrix to be their slaves.

    These moles and “freedom fighters” have pretended to be Coloured. One in particular , occupies the second highest position in the government and very high up in World Economic Forum and other Global World Order institutions He is very powerful .
    Not one of them looked like they suffered a day in their life , because they didn’t . They are the enemy from within.
    All my comments on Trevor Noah ‘ s Charade and Trevor Manuel ‘s government platform were banned. When the world is burning . This is what they do , put people against each , while they steal and enslave you . They have come at us from all sides and when we rise , these moles come into our world , blaming it on the boogie man .

    At least , white people , infected with their racism ,can change their hearts and mind as shown in the protests in support of decency against the depraved indifference of Trevor Noah’s protectors. The protectors whose mandate is to murder innocent Black people as they have done for centuries . He knows that as a jew he can criticize the police and never be in danger criticize the police and get away with it . The whole enslavement of humanity is Trevor Noah’s tribe’s idea and use gentile white men in America to carry it out . Here in South Africa , Black communist police and the military are deployed and employed by Trevor Noah ‘s people to finish off the innocent suffering Black , Coloured and White people in their way for universal control . Blacks and indigenous suffer the worst .
    The depraved indifference of the Trevor Noahs Drumpf s, Faucis , Bill Gates , Cyril Ramaphosas , every single player that does not expose the truth, is against humanity and working for the devil.

    Truth is treason .
    Liars rule the world.

    This is the time for truth .
    For good against evil.

    I am almost going blind and can not afford glasses ,so please excuse all errors.

    1. good to hear from you, i will reply when ive had time to read this more carefullu

    2. No, I did not know that about Trevor Noah, having never seen his show. Wow. That’s something. I know Obama’s half brother is black and Jewish. So, there are more of these? I hadnt thought about it. But of course there are. Of course there are.

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