Video of Cops Conducting a Drive-by Pepper Spraying Explains Why People are Angry — The Free Thought Project

Infuriating video captured the moment a Minneapolis police cruiser sped through a peaceful crowd while pepper spraying innocent bystanders out of the window.


Minneapolis, MN — It’s been five days since police were seen on video murdering George Floyd while he was in handcuffs on the ground. Though the officers were fired, not a single one of them has been charged with a crime. The anger directed toward the Minneapolis police department is real, vast in scope and entirely justified. While the destruction of private property is not at all condoned, it is not hard to see where it comes from.

To be clear, the overwhelming majority of protesters in Minneapolis are peaceful and are there to practice their First Amendment right to voice their anger at the fact that cops can murder people on video, and instead of get arrested, they get a platoon guarding their home.

This disparity between the police and the ones they are supposed to serve is utterly shocking — not surprising, but shocking. Instead of seeking justice for a murder that took place in front of multiple witnesses and on video, police circled the wagons and the protesters became the enemy. They are being backed into a corner and like anyone who is put in that position, they are reacting with fight or flight.


via Video of Cops Conducting a Drive-by Pepper Spraying Explains Why People are Angry — The Free Thought Project

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  1. Not the first time cops have pepper sprayed people. Sadly won’t be the last

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