“What is wrong with you?” “He is a human.”

Police in the US fire tear gas on protest against brutal Memorial Day murder — World Socialist Web Site (en)

Video shared on social media shows that George Floyd was killed by a police officer who kneeled on his neck while he was subdued on the ground.


The demonstration began with some protesters blocking the intersection with parked cars and others setting up chairs in the cross walks with signs. A local TV aerial video of the street scene showed waves of people gathering with homemade signs and banners demanding justice for Floyd, an African American worker in his mid-40s.

George Floyd

Floyd’s killing was captured on smartphone video by eyewitness Darnella Frazier and shared on Facebook. As of this writing, it has been viewed nearly a million times. The 10-minute video shows several cops holding Floyd face down on the street, handcuffed next to a police cruiser with one officer kneeling on his neck.

The video shows the police officer pressing his knee harder and harder as Floyd cries out, “You are going to kill me,” and struggles to breathe and begs for water. Onlookers demanded the police stop their vicious treatment, pleading to one of the officers standing watch over the scene, “He is not even resisting,” “Get off of him,” “What is wrong with you?” and “He is a human.”


via Police in the US fire tear gas on protest against brutal Memorial Day murder — World Socialist Web Site (en)


  1. taotesan · · Reply

    why cant all these people who hate us so much ,just fuck off ? fuck off for good and leave us alone and never come back. fuck off to wherever they some. they just won’t leave us alone.

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    they come from

  3. taotesan · · Reply

    insolence is what got Mr Floyd murdered.they hate that their little egos go insane when we see them with one look we know their crimes

    1. unfortunately there seems to be a lot more to this story. floyd actually seemed very compliant.

  4. taotesan · · Reply

    Always knew from the very start of this covid 19… 84 , that that was total world takeover . my rant was on a personal level .

    EVERYTHING IS BULLSHIT ! Everything upside down ! The owners of this whole thing have us , and using every single trick in the book . Sorry to say , but if Americans vote for Sanders , whatever point of no return ,that is the final death knell for America. They have the whole world in lockdown in their matrix for total domination and control .
    America can bring down every single one of the politicians erstwhile , it the politician s who are coming in as saviors that one has to be very frightened of and totally reject , instead of installing them in the planned new world order . South Africa is not burning( yet ) and people are already begging the planners behind this scam to take over from the supposed inept government. We are fucked here . People can’t see it . The next vote , here or America , will be a vote for total communism for all . The way has been prepared for the communist “leaders” . The revolution , if there was going to be any , was thwarted. My heart is for Americans , but what can a small person do .
    Don’t vote . Don’t vote . I can honestly say , that I have never voted in South Africa , never convinced of any of their bullshit . It seems too late , I don’t want to say . The masks should have been off already . A revolution would have unmasked the ruse .
    The root of this is “ gold “ and the story is very very old .
    Corona ,Space Travel . The humans against the black -eyed club controllers. Not racism . The socialist / communists are very clever about keeping their hands clean so to speak . They appear above reproach . The devil is in plain sight . The controllers are going to step forward to save us .
    I will never submit to them . It is absolutely intolerable that I am forced to wear a mask, and what little rights I had left , this whole macabre horror make believe hoax for their global economic domination .
    Everything is total bullshit ! Everything !
    I will tell you one thing , even though I have been an unwitting slave , rather than ensure my longevity to survive in these times leaving this world voluntarily as a dignified human being is a far better option. I am lucky to have experienced beauty and love from nature . I know what love is -and this ain’t it .

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